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Fairy Tail : God of Wrath
Author :Embrosia
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1 Prologue

For years Humans thought that Magic made them all-powerful. They thought that with Magic they could do anything they wanted.

That's why some of the strongest Mages started to pretty much consider themselves over everything. Like they were untouchable. But certain beings intervened.

With Magic, Humanity didn't need a source of courage, of determination and love. Religion became a thing of the past, but the Gods never stopped to exist.

They were always there, and it was all too funny for them to watch how Humans became so arrogant. Instead of punishing them, they did something that would forever change the world.

They bestowed a special type of magic to certain mages, or even just normal people.

God Slayer Magic

If one were to even think about it for a second, it was absolutely stupid. Gods had underestimated the arrogance and pride of Humanity.

The Humans never prayed to them, they never thanked them. They never played the obedient fools for the Gods.

That's also why, there was never a God Slayer Mage who actually obeyed a God. The Gods just watched them from their high place, they didn't need to after all.

Unfortunately, it all changed.

The God of Wrath, Thymos, decided that he also wanted a God Slayer. Now no one would think that this was something special, oh how wrong they were!

For the God of Wrath was a well-known God. One with powers that could rival those of Ankhseram, one of the most powerful God that ever existed. And yet, Thymos was quite young. And it's because of that, that he never was one to be patient.

As such, as soon as he got his idea, he went to Earthland. The other Gods tried to stop him, sadly it only escalated in an all-out war, Thymos VS The Gods. And guess who won ?

Yeah, i think you got it.

After that, Thymos decided to rest a little, before choosing his champion. Centuries passed, and he woke up.

Earthland had changed quite a bit, but he didn't care about that. His gaze was fixed on his target. He descended on Earthland and went to his target. He travelled across the entire world, encountering numerous creatures and mages during his journey.

And as the Gods were about to act a last time, a last ditch of effort to stop him.

Thymos, God of Wrath bestowed his power to a young boy. A young orphan from Ishgar, whom Thymos found, hiding in a dark alley during the night. His body clearly too weak to even move. His throat hoarse from the lack of water, his entire body covered in old scars.

The boy, too tired to even lift his head and look at Thymos, had asked the God if he was there to take the last thing he had left from him. Thymos asked him what it was, and the boy had picked a bloodied knife from the ground.

It was that day, that Thymos knew he hit the jackpot.

He had sensed the other Gods and decided to hurry up, telling the boy that he would come back when he was powerful enough to be called a true God Slayer.

The boy had thus lived, knowing that he possessed the power of a god. Did he live calmly with it ? Did he ignored it, too afraid to use this way too powerful magic ?

What he became was enough proof, that compared to some people, the young boy deserved his power.




(Ishgar, Fiore)

It was a stormy day, rain poured heavily on a certain village, as a cloaked figure made itself known. The figure walked toward a tavern, ignoring the rain and the thunder that seemed to never end. The figure was rather small, he/she had a rather imposing. His/Her muscles could be seen through the fabric of the way too thin cloak the he/she wore. Other than it's height and build, nothing else could be seen about the figure. The cloak hid it's body and face all too well.

The figure entered the tavern and a deafening silence followed. Every single person in the tavern knew who this figure was, in Fiore it was better to know this person, rather than be an ignorant and end up dead. They quickly went back to their previous activities, not wanting to anger the figure.

"May i now what you want, sir ?" Asked the bartender, he was clearly about to pass out from just standing in front of the figure. Though that was understandable since contrarily to the others, he could see the eyes of the figure. Those accursed golden eyes that seemed to pierce your soul with a single glance.

"Firstly.....I want some milk" Said the figure, his somewhat young voice surprised the bartender. A man on his right made the mistake to laugh when he heard the figure's words, the people stopped once again, any music that was previously played was cut....And the silence was back.

The figure made his way toward the poor fool who finally understood his mistake.

"W-Wait! I'm sorry i-i didn't w-wanted to laugh at y-you!" The man tried to defend himself, but he quickly found that he couldn't talk anymore, when he was lifted in the air.


The figure turned his head to the bartender, and he could've swore saw a smirk.



The man was thrown out of the tavern, and most people followed him, escaping the tavern before something bad happened. All kind of rather bloody rumours were heard about this mysterious figure.


"HAI! What i-is it , s-sir ?!"

"......Do you know the quickest way to Magnolia ?"

The bartender gulped and nodded nervously. After telling the figure what he knew, the bartender was suddenly in front of said figure.

"Thanks for the info, oh and....No need to call me sir. My name's Rabad." The figure then gave a few jewels to the bartender, and chuckled.

"Take it as an apology, for what i did......Though the fucker deserved it, it's rude to make fun of someone for such a stupid reason. Well then, a good day to you.....Mortal."

And with that, the figure exited the tavern.
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