Fairy Tail: The Story of Sid
2 Sid the Sponge
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Fairy Tail: The Story of Sid
Author :Daoist_Nine_Rings
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2 Sid the Sponge

Sid stayed in the same spot as he controlled his magical power to move large marbles the size of cannon balls around. At first, they were sluggish but after 10 minutes he could control them with ease

The old man in orange stood and watched him as he smiled and thought "So it's already been 4 years since Gildarts and I retrieved him from the forest and brought him here to Fairy Tail. At the age of 2, he could already start saying a couple of words then at 3 he could say a few sentences and now at 4 he can speak fluently."

"If only those brats Natsu and Gray could learn even half as fast as he could, no actually just a quarter would be enough.." the old man sighed

"Good thing Erza is there to keep them in place, they fight all the time even though they haven't been here long."

"Well let's go check on them, Sid is fine on his own." the old man thought as he slowly turned around and left

"Wait, master!" Sid said

the old man turned around and asked "What is it?"

"Master, can you tell me your name?" Sid asked

"Hahahaha! Of course, my name is Makarov, you may refer to me by anything you want." Makarov laughed

"Cool! Bye master!" Sid said before continuing to play around with the marbles


Makarov went out only to see the guild in a mess, a toddler with pink hair and another with black hair who was wearing only trunks were yelling at each other then suddenly as a red haired girl not much older than them appeared they put their arms around each other's shoulder as they pretended to be best friends

"Master!" the young girl with red hair shouted

"Erza could job keeping Natsu and Gray in check" Makarov laughed

"Master? What are you talking about? Gray and I are best friends right?" the youth with pink hair said as he turned to the black haired kid next to him

"That's right, master! Natsu and I are besties!" Gray laughed whilst trying to keep his mouth in place

"Yea sure you are, anyways why can't you two calm down and be a good kid like Sid instead of fighting all the time? Though it's good that you're training with each other but do it outside!" Makarov complained

"Okay!" Natsu laughed

"Aye Sir!" a little blue cat with wings shouted

"Hehe, Happy let's go outside and play!" Natsu shouted as he ran outside

"Aye Sir!" the blue cat called Happy replied as it flew off behind Natsu

"Finally some peace and quiet... So Erza why don't you go out and join them?" Makarov asked

"I'll stay here and accompany you master!" the red hair girl called Erza replied

"Alright, that's fine. I'll just have a nap." Makarov said before falling asleep straight away


After a while, Sid got bored of playing with the marbles then brought along all of them with him as he formed multiple rings around his body then walked around to find Makarov

Once he arrived, he saw Erza sleeping near Makarov who is sitting on the countertop dozing off whilst a giant bubble appeared from his nose

Sid walked up to him and used one of the marbles to pop the bubble waking up Makarov from his nap


"Oh Sid, what's wrong?" Makarov said as he looked at the rings rotating behind Sid's body

"Master I'm bored, what do I do now?" Sid asked

"Ah? Uh... I don't know um..." Makarov replied

"I want to use magic." Sid said

"Well about that... You have good control over your magic but the problem here is we won't know what your magic is exactly..." Makarov replied


"Master can you show me your magic?" Sid asked as he turned his head sideways and asked with curiousity

"Um... Ok but don't be scared ok..." Makarov said before jumping off the counter and stood in the center of the guild without any furniture nearby

"Alright watch carefully."

Makarov then used his magic to expand his body into giant proportions as the previous tiny man became a giant that reached the very top of the ceiling

"Wow! That's amazing!" Sid said with sparkling eyes

"Amazing huh.. well it's magic called Giant, a caster type magic which gives me immense strength proportional to my size as well as immense durability to resist attacks." Makarov replied as he shrunk back to his original size

"Master can I use it too?" Sid asked with excitement

"This? Well I'll have to teach it to you no... WHAT?!" Makarov spat as he shouted loudly


Sid's body expanded to a massive size and reached almost as big as Makarov was when he used the Giant Magic

"Tehe, master I did it!" Sid shouted before shrinking back into his original size

"Sid.. you.. you're a genius!" Makarov said

"A genius? Me?" Sid asked

"Of course! You only saw it once but you were able to copy it exactly... I doubt anyone in this world can do that!" Makarov said

"Cool! What other magic can you use master?" Sid asked

"Well, I can use quite a few, Fire Magic, Ice Magic, Light Magic and Wind Magic for Caster and Holder type magic. I can also use telepathy magic which is a Caster type magic. I'll show you all of them then you can learn them all." Makarov said before demonstrating all the said magic which Sid soaked in like a sponge and copied it
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