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51 Shen Ya is a Man!!!

Lu Jian was anticipating Zhen Xiu's touch as she took charge. This was a major shocker to him whenever she actively tried to do things like this and taking charge. He never thought that his sweet wife was a tigress in this department. In front of her, he feels like a novice kid who was inexperienced.

As the time passed and his anticipation was getting better Zhen Xiu pushed him away breaking his wonderful dream. This was all for nothing ah! His heart can't take this.


His voice came out like a neglected wife who was cast away by her husband. On the other hand, Zhen Xiu was also feeling the same thing but with great intensity after all her delicious meal was oh! So close and she was not able to savor it; her heart was hurting more as compared to him.

Technically it was his fault that she was denying him this pleasure. If he had expressed his feelings and said those three silly words; the original Zhen Xiu would have become happy and then she could proceed in enjoying him. But this man has still not expressed his feelings yet and if she still continued then it will make her feel bad like she was cuckolding the original Zhen Xiu.

Before she starts something like this she needs Lu Jian to say those three words to give peace to the previous wife. She didn't want to be attacked again and suffer severe consequences just because she couldn't control her lust.

She will just tease him and will kiss him for a bit; she will not do more than that like completely eating him. No! She wouldn't.

Zhen Xiu's attention went on Lu Jian's hot body and that beautiful face. She wanted to really eat him.

Focus! Zhen Xiu, calm your heart and hunger. There will be a time when you can do this and that on him.

Oh! My! Sweet baby!

Zhen Xiu control yourself!

"What?" Lu Jian asked confused.

"Darling, you are so pretty I don't want to do anything else but look at your beautiful face." Zhen Xiu tried to focus his attention on a silly topic.

Lu Jian didn't mind her sweet flattery. She was saying such nice words for him so how could he feel bad?

This was a sweet start of their beautiful relationship. He didn't want to force her to do anything that she didn't want to do.

"Darling, whenever I try to molest you again then please, avoid it. I am a hungry leech. You need to be careful around me."

Zhen Xiu was worried that she might lose her control once again in front of Lu Jian and his eternal beauty.

Lu Jian laughed after he heard her warning him. "It's okay baby. You can come at me whenever you like it."

Lu Jian was in ninth heaven after listening to Zhen Xiu's sweet words and tinkling laugh. He wanted to capture her laugh and play it again and again. Her laugh really soothes him.

"Let's sleep. It's late." Lu Jian suggested.


Jiang Wui was really bored after he was thrown out from his own house. His life was miserable from the time Zhen Xiu got back from the hospital. She was getting more and more interesting day by day and his brother became stranger day by day.

He knew that they were trying to sort their love life again but it didn't mean that they could trample on his delicate heart now and then. They are a group of bad people.

Jiang Wui busy cursing Lu Jian and Zhen Xiu when a loud ring blasted from his mobile phone; he wanted to avoid the blasted caller but his phone kept on ringing. He grumpily pulled his phone out and saw the caller id.

He was surprised for a moment and checked his surrounding to check his reality. Shen Ya was calling him and that too without him irritating her.

He pinched himself to see whether he was dreaming or not. His hand sting; he felt the pain and confirmed that he was truly awake. Shen Ya was really calling him.

He foolishly smiled. "Hello!"

"Meet me at my house." She abruptly said in her cold voice.

"Your house?" Jiang Wui was elated. This was the first time that this she-devil has called him and invited him.

"Mmm…" The call ended after her short reply.

Jiang Wui was elated and wanted to dance and sing to express his excitement.

"Yay! She-devil called me." He loudly announced.

While driving his car he was shouting like crazy. "Hey! Man, I was invited by the ice queen."

Jiang Wui shouted on the vendors like crazy.

He was too excited to meet Shen Ya.

"Wow! That kiss was really amazing. Ice queen really did melt like nothing."

He smiled foolishly. All his sadness of getting thrown out of his house was forgotten after that brief call from Shen Ya.

"Who cares about that Lu couple? I need to make a brand new Jiang Couple?"

He thought while driving. He was about to reach her place but then decided to bring some flowers for her. After all, that ice queen was hard to impress; he needs to go all out to woo her.

Again his phone blasted like crazy as a new caller was trying to take his attention. He guessed it must be Shen Ya so without even checking the caller Id he picked up the phone. "Shen Ya…"

"I am a fool." came a voice from the other side, a masculine voice.

"Ice- Queen your voice? How did it change so fast? You sound like a man." Jiang Wui was confused.

Where was that sweet voice of his she-devil? Why does she sound like a man?

"Because I am a man, idiot." Ice cold voice rang out from the other end.

"You are a man Shen Ya."

Jiang Wui's heart broke in pieces after he heard her saying that she was a man.

What Jiang couple? What about ice – queen?

This was ice – king ….


"Shen Ya is a Man!!!"



"Shut up! I am Lu Jian. Check your phone bastard." An angry voice said from the other end.