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Zoru was dejected after watching Zhen Xiu this lonely and suffering in pain. Her sad face really hurt him. Zoru concurs that he didn't like her at the beginning and was biased towards his previous master but after understanding her all this time he knows that she is really not bad.

He knows that what happened before was not her fault. When she asked him if he had saved her at that time if it was not needed he was conflicted whether to tell her or not the truth behind his silence.

He would have saved her but not like this but by keeping her soul inside his celestial body. He would have nourished her himself and when the time comes for her reincarnation he would let her go. He never wanted to make her life hell. He never thought her as a replacement of his previous master.

At first, he truly didn't like her but as the time passed he saw her both good and bad points. He knew he was wrong in judging her before because he was never a part of her life. He didn't know about her past. It was wrong.

But he can't let go of his previous master's feelings too. She was also not a perfect person but her greatest desire was to get Lu Jian's love that she never received.

He told her that previous master has sacrificed herself as her medicine so that she can be with Lu Jian after that backlash but the truth was his previous master saw all the experience and pain this evil princess has suffered in her past life while using her power.

She was ashamed after seeing all the hardships faced by Zhen Yunxiu. His master in truth actually wanted to give her remaining life force to stabilize her soul as a gratification for taking her place and to apologize for using her.

Zoru recalled their last conversation.

"This time I have sinned Zoru."

"What do you mean?"

"I saw everything, everything that she faced in her life. How can I be so cruel to attack her by using her own power? I am no better than that selfish father of hers."

At that time, Zoru was confused. He didn't get what she was saying, but he could feel the sadness emanating from her.

"She is really pitiful. No, she is strong, the courageous person I have ever seen. She is even better than mom."

"You are talking about Xiu?"

Zoru understood now. His master has used Xiu's spiritual power, so she was able to see her memories. She is sad because of Xiu.

"YEAH! She is here fulfilling my stupid wish but look at me I don't even know about her pains. She must hate me as I am just like that monster of a father who used her as a vessel. I am using her own power to attack her."

"What did you see?"

"It is her story to tell you. I just want you to know that I want to refine my soul as a panacea to stabilize her."

"What? Why do you want to do this? Is this because of backlash?" Zoru asked in anger.

"No, it is not. You can say that this is me apologizing to her. She has already suffered too much. From the beginning, you were with me and I had a perfect family but was still not satisfied. I wanted more and Lu Jian became my next target. I wanted that cold handsome man for myself. I became something that I never wanted to be. I left my family because I wanted too. I always did the things I wanted to do and never cared about anything else but Xiu, she is different. I think this is the reason that Lu Jian felt something for her and not for me."

This time Zhen Xiu had a peaceful smile on her face.

"This decision, is this because of Lu Jian and his feelings?" zoru asked his master.

"No, it is for Xiu, a girl who has never received anything good in her previous life, who deserves every bit of happiness and the one who truly deserves affection and love from mother. I have wronged her and I want to redeem myself."

"What about your last wish?"

"Hmm, last wish I think it doesn't matter anymore after this. I think Lu Jian will be good for her. He will be able to give her everything that she was deprived of in her last life. Don't tell her about all these things, I don't want her to feel bad and it will also make her stay here, and she will easily get Lu Jian's heart."

"What about me?" Zhen Xiu asked with a deep smile.

"Don't you want to live? You are never serious. This is something important and you are all smiley."

"I want her to live. I want to do something for my other half who has suffered without doing anything wrong. I want to repay everything I owe to Shen Ya, my mother and you. I have been selfish for a long time now. I want to be selfless for once and help Xiu to gain everything she deserves. After all, Xiu thinks everyone deserves a last chance, so I want to give her first chance and I hope she gets many more chances like this in future even if I am gone."

Zhen Xiu dissipated after saying her last words. Her soul link automatically connected with the spiritual link of Xiu.