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1776 Side Story: Xue“er And Xun“er 19

Could I have fallen for this guy after our interactions in the Spiritual Beast Forest?

Feng Qianhuan, who has never been courted by any man, fell silent before she lifted her head and stared at Qianbei Xun with a complicated expression in her eyes.

"Xue'er, since you've come along, why are you hiding over there?"

The young man's voice caused Feng Qianhuan's heart to tremble before she finally stood up.

The moonlight was shining upon the young man's silver robes. the scene was so beautiful that it was suffocating.

His beauty was so exquisite and unreal that he seemed as if he has just stepped out from a painting.

"You knew that I had followed you?"

Feng Qianhuan raised her brow as she looked at the young man and asked.

"I had known from the moment you had followed me." Qianbei Xun slowly turned around. His handsome and beautiful features were lit up with a smile. "Otherwise, why did you think that I had moved so slowly? If I didn't want you to follow me, you would never have been able to keep up with me."

Feng Qianhuan fell silent. She knows that Qianbei Ye was stating the truth but she frowned when she remembered the intimacy the youth and the freckled girl had shared during their interaction.

"Qianbei Xun, who's that girl you were talking to  and how is she related to you? 1 "

She had asked her burning questions in the end.

Qianbei Xun stared at her enticingly when he heard her questions. He smiled as he noticed the quick flash of feelings in the young girl's eyes.

With a gentle brush of a breeze, he arrived beside Feng Qianhuan and pulled her firmly into his arms before locking her in his embrace until she was unable to move.

"Qianbei Xun!"

Feng Qianhuan's expression sank as she barked icily, "Let me go!"

"Are you jealous, wife?"

The youth's voice carried a sense of adulation and caused Feng Qianhuan to freeze. Her red lips pouted slightly as she turned away and refused to look at the youth.

Qianbei Xun chuckled. "That damned girl is my mother's disciple and she can also be considered as my older sister. I had come here because I had overheard the sound of her flute. Not too long ago, my father had snatched my mother away and brought this girl along with them. I, however, had been left behind by them. I had traveled to this place because I want to find my parents and make my father understand that it's not that easy to cast me aside!"

Feng Qianhuan seemed shaken as she looked at Qianbei Xun in surprise.

Is he explaining the situation to me?

"However..." Qianbei Xun paused. "After you had appeared, I can finally understand how my father had felt. Indeed, one is put into a bad mood whenever they are disturbed by another. If someone were to interrupt us whenever we spent time together, I will certainly have them thrown out immediately 2 !"

Feng Qianhuan fell silent for a moment and no longer resisted his embrace as her blood-red eyes slowly darkened. Suddenly, she lifted her head to look at Qianbei Xun and asked, "You keep insisting that you want to marry me and that you understand how I am to an extent but do you have any idea where I'm originally from?"

"Unfortunately, you don't know a thing." Feng Qianhuan laughed bitterly. "I'm not from this world. I'm only utilizing this person's shell to survive and I will leave this place sooner or later to find my parents. By then, perhaps we might become separated forever. Qianbei Xun, even if that was the case, do you still want to marry me?" Could you be any more obvious, Xue'er? 😏 Just like what your dad did to you a few years ago.😏