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1602 The Clan Leader“s Request 6


One of the elders could not help but swear. His entire body trembled as he spoke, "You Dragon Clan traitor, we will never be on your side even if we were to die."

"That's hard to say." Long Xin smiled icily. "Do you know what's the Dragon Clan's greatest weakness? The Dragon Clan's reproductive abilities are far too low! It's now to a point that we can sometimes only produce one dragon's egg every twenty to thirty years. Otherwise, how could the Dragon's Clan be threatened to this extent? If the Dragon Clan is powerful enough, there would be no need for us to hide in the North Sea!"

The group looked at each other and temporarily fell silent, as if waiting for the next part of Long Xin's explanation.

"Not too long ago, I had met a Lord. That Lord is a Pill Master and he has promised me that if the Dragon Clan serves him, he would help us to solve our reproductive difficulties! The Clan Leader knows about this too but that stubborn old Clan Leader keeps believing that the Lord harbors bad intentions and that the Dragon Clan should never fall into his hands. Hence, he had rejected that Lord's offer!"

The surrounding atmosphere has grown even quieter. The group did not seem as angry as before and their expressions have slowly calmed down.

"That old fellow is pigheaded, that Lord simply isn't the type of person to harbor bad intentions! That old fellow has simply gotten used to his existence above all dragons and does not wish to be commanded by others! So, he's doing this entirely for himself and has not put the Dragon Clan's situation into consideration! As long as that Lord can really help the Dragon Clan, what's wrong with serving him? Hence, I had secretly contacted that Lord and agreed to carry out his work."

"But..." One of the elders fell silent for a moment before he asked, "The Clan Leader has not been unkind to us. It's not too good for us to do this, right?"

"Hmph! What's bad about it! As long as the Dragon Clan can be strengthened, whatever actions we take are justified!" Long Xin scoffed icily.

He has long coveted the Clan Leader's position, how could he let it go now?

"Lady Gu's medical skills are very powerful as well. Let's plead our case with her, perhaps she can help to solve the Dragon Clan's reproductive ailment." Another elder was still a little hesitant.

They simply could not make sense of the need to betray the Clan Leader.

"How can this woman be compared to that Lord? Let me be honest, Gu Ruoyun is simply no match for that Lord! One other point is that Gu Ruoyun is only a physician. Regardless of how powerful her medical skills are, she is only a physician. That Lord is different. He's an extremely reputable Pill Master on the mainland. Tell me, how can Gu Ruoyun ever measure up to him? He's simply in a different class altogether."

"Is Elder Long Yuan aware of this?"

The person who had spoken up was the same elder from earlier on. He hesitated for a moment then continued to ask.

"That old geezer Long Yuan is the Clan Leader's lackey. How could we possibly let him know about this? If he finds out, it would be bad for us! This old thing is supported by the Clan Leader's particular trust in him and has not lacked in his criticisms towards us! I tell you this, that old fart must not find out about this. Otherwise, we will never be able to follow that Lord!"

In the beginning, the group had indeed been very angry but when they heard the next part of Long Xin's words, everyone fell into a deep silence.

The Clan Leader may have treated them well but in contrast to the Clan Leader, the Dragon Clan's reproductive issues were more important.

If the Dragon Clan could bear children like humans, how could they not become more powerful?

"There's one more thing, that Lord is very interested in the Dragon King's body so the Dragon King's physical body must not fall into Gu Ruoyun's hands! However, since the Clan Leader has promised her, the only way to solve this is to make sure that Gu Ruoyun dies in the Dragon Clan."

A murderous intent flashed across Long Xin's eyes as he spoke with a gloomy and eerie voice.