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1569 The Consequences Of Presumption 2

The Palace Lord's expression froze in place as he continued to stare at Qianbei Ye with a face full of shock. He looked dumbfounded.

Why do I have the feeling that the Ancestral Elders are afraid of being chastised by the Young Master?

How can this be? The Ancestral Elders were the ones who had given the Young Master his position. Also, the Ancestral Elders' powers are far more superior to the Young Master's. Why should they lower themselves in the Young Master's presence?

However, regardless of how foolish the Palace Lord was, he could sense that something was not right this time. A shiver crept up from the bottom of his feet and he felt as if his entire being was frozen.

"I'm gifting the Underworld to Yun'er, do you have any objections?"

Qianbei Ye's voice was gloomy. Even though he was speaking to the Underworld's Ancestral Elders, he had spoken with finality as if there was no further room for discussion! It may have seemed like he was consulting the Ancestral Elders' opinion but, in reality, he was issuing an order!

This realization stunned the other elders in the hall. Not one person had dared to say a single word when faced with this situation and the once noisy Clan Hall had turned absolutely silent.

"No objection. Why would I possibly have any objections? No one would ever dare say no to whoever you choose to give it to."


The Ancestral Elder's words crashed like a stroke of lightning over their heads. Those who had previously caused a ruckus were now completely stunned.

In the beginning, they might have speculated on the reasons why the Ancestral Elders would give Qianbei Ye special treatment. Now, after hearing what the Ancestral Elder had just said, they finally understood that the real decision-maker in the Underworld was not the Ancestral Elders but the man standing in front of them.

The regret in the Palace Lord's heart increased even more. He probably never expected for things to end this way.

"A-Ancestral Elders..." The Palace Lord gulped fiercely and asked in a trembling voice, "This... What's the meaning of this? Who is the Young Master and why would you treat him with such reverence? Besides, I had indeed received your approval in regards to Huang Ying's marriage to the Young Master."

The expression on the gray-robed Ancestral Elder's elderly face changed drastically. A powerful force from the Ancestral Elder's palm then landed on the Palace Lord's chest.

The Palace Lord's body was instantly flung out of the way. Blood splattered from his mouth as his face drained of color.

"Ancestral Elder, I'm telling the truth. You had communicated the order through the two emissaries. I was only following orders."

The two emissaries?

Upon hearing the Palace Lord's claims, the two Ancestral Elders' eyes turned towards the two emissaries.


The emissaries, whose faces were already filled with anxiety, immediately threw themselves kneeling on the ground as soon as the Ancestral Elders had glared at them. Their delicate bodies were trembling incessantly.

"Ancestral Elders, please forgive our crimes, we had not known the truth behind the matter. The Palace Lord had sent someone over to ask about your decision on Huang Ying and the Young Master's wedding. We did not know that the Young Master already has someone that he loves so we had allowed the Palace Lord to make the decision."

The two Ancestral Elders looked at each other and saw a sense exasperation mirrored in each other's eyes.

"Huang Ying, do you have feelings for the Young Master?"

The gray-robed elder looked at Huang Ying as he asked coldly.

Huang Ying shook. She immediately knew that the Ancestral Elders would not stand up for her based on what she had just witnessed. Therefore, she cleverly remained silent and did not say a word.

"Do you believe that you are the only one who is enough for the Young Master in this world?" Even though the gray-robed elder had not heard a reply from her, he noticed the sense of pride in her eyes and laughed icily. "Don't you think that you have an exaggerated opinion of your own abilities? Is someone like you really a good match for a person like the Young Master?"