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1552 Brother And Sister Meet Again 14

"It would be good if that's the case."

The yellow-robed woman laughed bitterly. She does not know why but she was feeling somewhat uneasy. A man of Qianbei Ye's character was not so easily controlled.

"Master, I can guarantee that Qianbei Ye would not have the audacity to defy the Palace Lord's orders. However, if he truly no longer desires to be the Young Master, this threat would become ineffective against him! Men prioritize the heavens and earth. There isn't a single man who would blindly reject such a great privilege for the sake of his love!"

The old woman had spoken as if she was making a solemn vow. After all, the Underworld has always kept to their word. Both the Spiritual Military College and the Heavenly Moon Empire would still need to give the Underworld face.

Therefore, she believes that no man would give up on the chance to receive this power!

Unfortunately, even to her dying day, this old woman would never discover that the Underworld means absolutely nothing to Qianbei Ye! Those old fellows had made Qianbei Ye the Young Master not because his talents were particularly outstanding but because he was the one who had built the Underworld ten thousand years ago.

Qianbei Ye could be said to be the true owner of the Underworld. Even though he was not as powerful as he was ten thousand years ago, this title would never change! The old woman's skewed mentality had brought forward the day of her death...

Qianbei Ye had two reasons for returning to the Underworld. The first reason was that the Underworld was once his own organization and the second reason was that he wanted to give the Underworld to Gu Ruoyun.

That was right, the heavens and earth may be of utmost importance to men and Qianbei Ye wants to conquer the world as well.

However, his desire to conquer the world was for only one reason - to use the world as an engagement present for Gu Ruoyun! Therefore, once he obtains the world, he will give it to her as a gift.

The yellow-robed woman fell silent when she heard the old woman's words. She then turned her anxious gaze to look at the blue sky outside her window as she spoke, "Qianbei Ye has been away for such a long time, he should be back very soon. Once he returns, I will go and meet that woman! I want to find out the type of woman he's fallen in love with."

Even though the yellow-robed woman does not like Gu Ruoyun, based on her position and identity, it would be difficult to avoid having some sort of pride. She really wants to find out the type of woman who had obtained the heart of the man who had ignored her.


"Yun'er, we're here. Welcome to the Underworld."

Qianbei Ye stopped in front of the Underworld's gate as he looked at the woman in green in his arms and gently raised the corners of his lips, "Have a look and see if it's satisfactory to you. If you don't like the Underworld, I will destroy it. If you like it, it will belong to you from now on."

Actually, there was one thing which Qianbei Ye has yet to tell Gu Ruoyun.

Ten thousand years ago, he had built this Underworld as an engagement gift when he proposes to her. Who would have thought that before he could voice his intentions, she had left his side forever due to a misunderstanding...

It was a good thing that he finally had the chance to personally hand the Underworld over to her in this lifetime.

"Do you really want to give the Underworld to me?"

Gu Ruoyun raised her brow as she looked at Qianbei Ye with a forced smile.

"I've heard that your wife-to-be is in this Underworld?"

Suddenly, something caused Gu Ruoyun to bite her lips fiercely. Qianbei Ye had gripped her waist tightly as he retorted in frustration, "Yun'er, are you doing this on purpose? What wife-to-be? I only want you alone! Nothing in this world is more important than you in my heart and this Underworld was built for you. If you don't like it, I can destroy it anytime."

Gu Ruoyun rubbed her bitten lips as she glanced at the man in front of her. However, it was difficult to hide the smile on her face. 

"I was only joking with you. Xiao Ye, I've told you that I believe you no matter what happens. Even if you pierce me with a sword, I will believe that the person who did that isn't you."

Just as she had spoken, Gu Ruoyun felt Qianbei Ye's body stiffen. She furrowed her brows and looked at him in puzzlement.

At that moment, she seemed to remember the scene she had witnessed in that memory.

In that memory, a man who looked just like Qianbei Ye had stabbed a woman dressed in white robes through the chest. That white-robed woman was the previous Master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda...

However, Gu Ruoyun could not understand the relationship Qianbei Ye had with the Ancient Divine Pagoda's previous Master.