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1525 The Treacherous Regional King 3


Gu Ruoyun raised her broken sword against Su Lin and felt her arm turn numb. She stumbled backward and lifted her gaze to find that the blue longsword in Su Lin's hand has turned into an ice-blue dragon. It opened its mouth and hissed angrily.

"So, the broken sword alone is not enough?"

Gu Ruoyun frowned. If her sword had not been damaged, she could have relied solely upon this sword to defeat Su Lin. However, the broken sword's powers alone were not enough and could not be compared to what it once was.

"Lady Gu, watch out!"

Just as Gu Ruoyun was in deep thought, the crowd cried out.

An icy-cold feeling appeared behind her and caused her to quickly turn around. In her time of need, she quickly used the broken sword to block the attack.


A powerful energy penetrated into her body and Gu Ruoyun felt her pins and needles running up her arm. However, she maintained her composure as if regardless of how the battle would end, it would not affect her emotions.

"Gu Ruoyun, I've already told you that you wouldn't be able to do it yet you refuse to believe me! I've already used two strikes. With this last strike, even if you don't die, you'd end up becoming a cripple."

Su Lin's entire face was filled with complacency. The aura within her body then gathered into the ice-blue longsword in her hand.

Gu Ruoyun sighed gently at the sight of this. "Looks like I can't just rely on the broken sword this time. For the sake of the Moon Soul Herb, I can't keep concealing myself! This is the only way to save Big Brother!"


At that moment, the temperature plummeted until even the people around the arena could feel it thoroughly!

The ice-blue sword had left Su Lin's hand and flew into the sky. The crowd watched as the floating longsword grew larger and larger in the air. It became as large as a great mountain before slicing towards Gu Ruoyun.

The Regional King had been standing behind the Heavenly Moon Emperor the entire time, watching the scene icily. He has no intentions of saving Gu Ruoyun.

After all, that Lord had given him instructions. If he wants to have Gu Ruoyun killed, he must not allow any chance for her to escape. Otherwise, once she has grown, the Regional King's Mansion would certainly be destroyed by her hand! However, he had not made his move and had pretended to get into her good graces because he was unsure if he could kill her!

Hence, he had wanted to invite her to the Regional King's Mansion and seize his chance to steal the Ancient Divine Pagoda.

However, the best scenario would be that she dies! Therefore, he does not intend to make an appearance this time and only watched silently from the sidelines.



A violent cyclone formed as the great sword fell!

Su Lin wiped the sweat from her brows and smiled icily at the section of the arena which was now covered by the great sword.

This time, no matter how talented Gu Ruoyun was, her death was guaranteed!


Beneath the arena, Dong Fang fell butt-first to the ground as he stared at the dusty arena with a pale look on his face. His eyes were dazed as he asked, "Is Lady Gu dead?"

Is she really dead?

At this moment, the group remembered their interactions from their days in the Evil Spirit Forest and recalled how Gu Ruoyun had aided them time and time again...

Their hearts were enveloped with agony and they looked at Su Lin with eyes filled with hatred!

"Avenge her. We must avenge her!" Mu Ying clenched his fists as he spoke in a voice full of rage.


Hearing this, the eyes of every single person of the group filled with determination. They each secretly made a decision.

They were still young! To young people like them, anything was possible!

As long as they rise vigorously in their cultivation, one day, their powers would also increase. At that point, they will avenge her and kill Su Lin! However, they must conceal their strength and bide their time first to ensure that they do not end up being killed!