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1440 The Three Great Forces 4

The man's voice was filled with a sinister air with made the Regional King tremble as his handsome face turned ashen.

"Don't worry Master, I won't fail you."

After receiving the Regional King's determined answer, the man replied in satisfaction, "Mm, remember your promise! Otherwise, you know my methods! I absolutely must have the Ancient Divine Pagoda!"

No one knows how much he lusts for the Ancient Divine Pagoda.

If he could have the Ancient Divine Pagoda, he would be one step away from reaching the full circle state!

The full circle state was the peak of martial skill! It was also commonly known as godhood! In order to reach the full circle, he must have the Ancient Divine Pagoda!


The Regional King joined his fists respectfully. He believes that he knows what to do!

If anyone from the Regional King's Mansion were here and witnessed the Regional King bending and scraping at thin air, they would certainly believe that he had gone mad! The fact was, he had been alone in this room the entire time. Hence, in the eyes of the ignorant, they would think that he was talking to himself!

Of course, under the strict rules of the Regional King's Mansion, no stranger would dare to come barging in.

However, these rules did not apply to the Eldest Lady of the Regional King's Mansion, Su Lin!

Hence, when the Regional King lifted his head, the room's door burst open with a bang. He was just about to turn around in anger when his handsome face froze in place at the sight of the woman who had burst into the room. He gently furrowed his brows.

"Lin'er, what's going on? Had you not left with Zuo Shangchen to solve some matters? Why are you back so soon? Where is Zuo Shangchen?"

At this moment, Su Lin was weeping. Her tender face was full of sorrow which made the Regional King's heart throb with pain.

Now that it has been mentioned, the Regional King was an easily infatuated man. He had given so much affection to his deceased first wife that it caused a large group of wives and concubines to gather in the Regional King's Mansion. However, this was also the reason why he only had Su Lin, his only daughter, in the end!

Not because the rest of his concubines were never impregnated but to the Regional King, though he could favor other women, those women were not fit to carry his heir! Hence, only the late Regional King's wife had given birth to Su Lin.

Su Lin, who has been doted on in many ways all her life, has never suffered grief! Forget about anyone else having the courage to give her grief.

Now, at the sight of Su Lin's pitiful little face, the Regional King's heart throbbed painfully.

"Father." Su Lin bit her lip as her eyes filled with tears. She looked absolutely pitiful. "Brother Chen, he... He doesn't like me. Sob, sob!"

The Regional King was in a daze, he never thought that Su Lin would shed tears of sadness over a man.

After all, in the Heavenly Moon Empire, there were many handsome men who had pursued Su Lin yet she was haughty and arrogant so no one could match up to her standards. However, after Zuo Shangchen had arrived, her pride disappeared. He was the only one who could hold her heart.

"Lin'er, it really is time for an attitude adjustment. Men prefer soft and gentle women who are fair and considerate. You have such an explosive temper, no wonder Zuo Shangchen doesn't like you." The Regional King sighed as he gently stroked Su Lin's head and replied soothingly, "I believe that as long as you can change, Zuo Shangchen will notice your good qualities."

It would have been better if he had stayed quiet for after the Regional King had spoken, Su Lin began to cry even more profusely. "Father, you don't even know this but Brother Chen doesn't like women, he likes men! So what if I become any gentler? As a woman, I'll never receive his love."