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1346 The Secret Order 14

"Reporting to Clan Leader. Apparently, the winner of first place is a woman named Gu Ruoyun."

The elder rose to their feet and replied with reverence. 

"What did you say?" The Clan Leader's body shook upon hearing that name. "Elder Tianren, did you say that the champion is someone named Gu Ruoyun?"

Elder Tianren eyed the Clan Leader curiously, puzzled over her strong reaction to the name.

"That's right, her name is indeed Gu Ruoyun and she originates from an organization called the Devil Sect. I've never heard of this organization prior to this."

Hearing this, the Clan Leader slowly returned to her calm demeanor as a light flashed in her eyes, "Previously, Yu'er had sent a letter to say that she has found her husband and daughter. She had followed her husband and left the First City to return to their territory. She even mentioned her daughter's name."

The Clan Leader took a deep breath and said with a serious look in her eyes, "Her daughter's name is Gu Ruoyun!"


Elder Tianren was shaken and eyed the Clan Leader in disbelief, "Clan Leader, are you saying that the Sacred Lady's daughter has won the first place?"

"That's right." The Clan Leader laughed. "It seems that this is what they would call fate. I have long known that Yu'er's daughter would be as outstanding as her but I never thought that she would be made the champion out of so many people. Besides, Gu Ruoyun is not a citizen of the First City but is from the West Spirit Mainland, more lowly than the East Peak Mainland."

On the West Spirit Mainland, even a Martial Honor would be able to enjoy a powerful existence!

Martial Saints were only mythical figures!

Yet Gu Ruoyun, who hails from the West Spirit Mainland, had managed to overcome so many opponents and receive the title of champion in this competition!

How was this not shocking to her?

"Clan Leader, if she really is the Sacred Lady's daughter, she does not need to be tested. Once they arrive in Secret Order, I will bring Gu Ruoyun to see you," said Elder Tianren with reverence and a lowered head.

"There's no need." The Clan Leader shook her head. "In the Secret Order, to be impartial is of the utmost importance. If we give her special treatment, we would lose that. Besides, I'd like to witness the extent of Gu Ruoyun's abilities and see if she can be responsible for everyone. Hence, we mustn't let anyone know of her status as the Sacred Lady's daughter to avoid having a lack of common sense."


Elder Tianren joined his fists and replied with reverence.

"Clan Leader, since that's the case, I'll go and make preparations for their arrival in the Secret Order."

The Clan Leader waved her hand and replied, "Go ahead. Ah, that's right. Even though I'd love to observe the full extent of Gu Ruoyun's abilities, she's still Yu'er's daughter after all so you must ensure her safety. If anything happens to her, I'm afraid that Yu'er will fall out and become hostile with us."

The Clan Leader knows her disciple's personality better than anyone else.

Do not make assumptions simply because Dongfang Yu was the Sacred Lady of the Secret Order. The reason why she had joined the Secret Order was to have her vengeance and wipe out her grudge one day before returning to her husband, son, and daughter! In her heart, her husband and children would always be her top priority.

As for the Secret Order, they were her second priority.

Hence, if anything were to happen to Gu Ruoyun in the Secret Order, Dongfang Yu would never take things lying down!

"Understood, Clan Leader."

Elder Tianren joined his fists once again. He then withdrew from the Clan Leader's chambers.

The Clan Leader's chambers returned to silence in his absence.

"Yu'er, your daughter must be as outstanding as you. However, I can't treat her any differently from others." The Clan Leader smiled and sighed exasperatedly. "Don't worry, I won't let any hurt her while your daughter is in the Secret Order."