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1323 She“s Not Dead 2

Celestial Mountain.

All the organizations who have returned from the training session gathered together and silently waited for Lord Left Emissary to speak.

Murong Qian stood in the crowd and scanned her eyes through every organization gathered at Celestial Mountain but could not find her most hated enemy. She looked absolutely elated as she declared excitedly, "That damned sl*t, Gu Ruoyun, isn't here. She must have lost her life in the training pagoda."

The more she thought about it, the harder it was for her to contain herself from bursting into laughter!

Based on Gu Ruoyun's level of power, she could not have possibly managed to escape!

Therefore, Murong Qian's assumption must be correct. Gu Ruoyun had indeed lost her life in the training pagoda.

"Since you've all returned, allow me to announce the results of this training session." The Left Emissary observed the entire area and did not notice Gu Ruoyun and her party members. He heaved a sigh of relief and felt a twinge of guilt at the same time.

However, to prevent her from hurting Yue'er in the future, he had no other choice.

"There many teams have entered the pagoda but only five have returned. The rest have unfortunately lost their lives in the claws of spiritual beasts. We feel great sympathy for this loss."

Upon hearing the results, each organization felt uneasy.

They did not feel sympathy towards their enemies, instead...

The Secret Order's training was too horrifying! One false step could result in their death! Hence, they did not know what awaits them in the road ahead.

Could it be that only the top three amongst them would survive?

The crowd clenched their fists at the thought of this, looking very anxious.

"Alright, let's begin the next assessment! Next..."

"Hold it!"

Just as the Left Emissary was about to announce the final assessment, a clear and cold voice rang out from behind him. His body stiffened as he turned around in disbelief.

The Left Emissary's heart trembled at the sight of the woman's clear and cold expression.

How can this be?

How could she have possibly returned alive?

Anyone who enters the fifth level of the training pagoda will never return!

"Aren't you a little too hasty with your announcement of the results?" Chu Luo snorted icily, "There's still a few minutes left and you want to end it already? Could it be that you've determined that we would certainly end up dead in that training pagoda?"

The Left Emissary's expression changed drastically, momentarily unable to speak. He then took a deep breath and replied with an ugly look on his face, "Since you've returned, please head on down. I still have to announce the next competition."

Since Chu Luo have found out about the Left Emissary's deception, she could not help but snort disdainfully at him. She never thought that the Secret Order, which had never concerned itself with worldly matters, would be so unfair.

For the sake of selfish matters, they would willingly harm the lives of their participating competitors!

"She's not dead!"

Murong Qian was enraged, "What kind of f*cking luck does this woman have? She's still alive and here after so many brushes with death! Shouldn't she be dead by now? Is she really all that lucky to have been sent to the first level?"

She was not aware of the agreement between Wen Ya and the Left Emissary so, after thorough analysis, this was the only conclusion she could come to.

That was right!

Gu Ruoyun must have been fortunate enough to survive just like in the deep ends of Celestial Mountain. She must have found a cave and hidden inside which was why those b*stards could never find her.