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1314 The Competition 2


Gu Shengxiao's name crashed into the Left Emissary's heart like a heavy weight. He lowered his head, unsure of what to say.

"You should have heard about this person named Gu Shengxiao. Yue'er must have mentioned him before!"

Wen Ya's words pierced through the Left Emissary's heart and made his expression deteriorate. It was clear that he was no stranger to that person named Gu Shengxiao!

"What are you trying to say?" He took a deep breath and lifted his head to look at the elegant woman.

Wen Ya raised the teacup to her lips and her eyes were filled with smiles.

"I don't know what that fellow Gu Shengxiao has done to Yue'er. Not too long after the Wen family had captured him, he had begun to fool around with Yue'er. Yue'er is far too naive and is easily fooled. Gu Shengxiao must have used his pitiful circumstances to fool her which was why Yue'er had helped him to escape from the Wen family."

She paused at this point before continuing, "Lord Left Emissary, Gu Shengxiao had cunningly seduced Yue'er in the Wen family home. Can you really tolerate what this implies?"

The Left Emissary fell silent.

Ever since he had become acquainted with Wen Yue, she has never missed a chance to mention this name in front of him. This made him very jealous!

He was jealous of that man named Gu Shengxiao whom Wen Yue could not seem to forget!

"No," the Left Emissary took a deep breath and rejected Wen Ya's request. "I cannot help you to deal with Gu Ruoyun. This kind of behavior is not tolerated. Should any of the clan leaders find out, I'm afraid that I'll never be allowed to stay in the Secret Order again."

Wen Ya laughed, "Lord Left Emissary, Yue'er has now agreed to marry you but... Do you think that Gu Shengxiao would simply let that slide?"

The Left Emissary's body shook and he fell silent once again.

When she saw the gradual change in the Left Emissary's countenance, Wen Ya landed the final blow. "Yue'er is very innocent and is too easily fooled. Furthermore, she still has residual unfinished feelings towards Gu Shengxiao. If Gu Shengxiao were to appear, she would certainly run off with him. You'll then lose your most beloved!"

The Left Emissary thought for a moment, "You said that Gu Shengxiao had seduced Yue'er in order to escape the Wen family. Now that he's no longer in the Wen family home, he shouldn't be involving himself with Yue'er anymore."

"Lord Left Emissary, based on Gu Shengxiao's power, do you really think that he could stay in the First City?" Wen Ya laughed icily. "Yue'er is the Second Lady of our Wen family after all and Grandfather treasures her greatly. How many men would miss out on a chance to become a son-in-law of the Wen family? Of course, a man like you, Left Emissary, would have no interest in the Wen family's position. Others are not like you. He, Gu Shengxiao, has no rank or power. He would never give up on Yue'er!"

The Left Emissary's expression slowly sank. He clenched his fist, cracking his knuckles in the process.

"Lord Left Emissary, Gu Ruoyun is far more talented than Gu Shengxiao. If you give his sister the opportunity to enter the Secret Order, I'm afraid that it's highly likely she would help her brother to snatch Yue'er away!" Wen Ya smiled as she continued, "You must know that Gu Ruoyun had risen through the ranks from a place like the West Spirit Mainland. I can't help but admire how she had only relied on her own power to get to where she is today. Her talent is far stronger than any of us in the First City! Don't underestimate her just because she's only at the early stage of the exceptional state. It won't be too long until she's fully grown."

"Besides..." Wen Ya paused. "Based on my understanding of Gu Ruoyun's character, she's good at concealing her faults and is the type of person who can't distinguish between right and wrong! As long as Gu Shengxiao does not give up on Yue'er, even if Yue'er refuses, she would help to take her away! Lord Left Emissary, I know what you're thinking, you believe that it's ancient history. Do you think that as long as you have Yue'er's heart, you'll have her for the rest of your life? I'm afraid that you're greatly mistaken!"