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1270 Love Rival 7

It was obvious that Qianbei Ye had rushed out to save Gu Ruoyun from the very beginning.

However, Murong Qian does not believe that they were acquainted.

To her, Qianbei Ye was trying to pick a fight with the Murong family. Hence, he had saved Gu Ruoyun because the Murong family was attacking her.

"My Lady!"

However, the elder could sense that the relationship between Gu Ruoyun and Qianbei Ye was no ordinary one. Therefore, when he head Murong Qian's damning statement, his elderly face changed drastically once again and he hurriedly pulled Murong Qian behind him.

However, it was already too late...


A powerful energy, as sharp as a sword drawn from its sheath, slammed onto Murong Qian's body.

Murong Qian was sent flying out of the way like an arrow released from a bow and thrown onto the frigid ground.


Murong Qian spat out a mouthful of blood. She rose to her feet with a pale look on her face and quickly pulled out a broken yellow armor from her robes.

Her grandfather had given this yellow armor to her. As long as she wears this armor, she would be protected from any attack! However, this yellow armor has now been destroyed by Qianbei Ye's attack. If it had not been for that yellow armor, she would have been killed by his attack immediately! 

This man really wants to kill me!

Murong Qian bit her lip hard as she staring fixedly at Qianbei Ye's peerless features. She then gritted her teeth and said, "Qianbei Ye, you will regret looking down on a good maiden like me!"

"My Lady, run!"

The elder roared his command at Murong Qian before he transformed into a sharp sword and charged towards Qianbei Ye.

The elder sensed an eerie and cold aura just as he reached Qianbei Ye. Suddenly, a hand landed on his head.

"You had taken advantage of my absence and tried to hurt my woman."

Qianbei Ye curled the corners of his lips and smiled creepily. "The Murong family must disappear from this world because of your actions."


Qianbei Ye only moved his hand slightly for the elder's head to explode like a balloon. Blood and brains stained the ground but that man's features had remained cold and gloomy.

It was as if he had just cracked an insignificant egg...


Qianbei Ye actually called that damned b*tch his woman!

Murong Qian gritted her teeth as she pulled out the teleportation token which the elder had given to her, snapping it into two forcefully. A ray of light then descended upon her, followed by her maniacal shriek which echoed throughout the Lin family courtyard...

"Qianbei Ye, you will become my man sooner or later! I will never allow you to have any other woman. She must die!"

Qianbei Ye's expression sank as a murderous intent flashed in his eyes.

"The Murong family..."

Now that someone from the Murong family has declared their intention to kill Gu Ruoyun, he would never let them live!

"Who on earth are you?"

Wen Luo's eyes were filled with terror. The man before him has a horrifying amount of power.

The elder from the Murong family's power was around the same level as Wen Luo but, in that man's hand, he had only needed one move to land a killing strike...

The Murong family elders looked at one another before they all tried to escape.

However, how could Zixie, who had been standing in midair, possibly give them that opportunity?

The Flames of World Devastation descended from the sky. The elders who had failed to escape were instantly turned to ashes by the Flames of World Devastation. They did not even have the time to beg for mercy...


Wen Luo shut his eyes and laughed scornfully, "I confess that you all have great abilities. However, you're not even worth mentioning when compared to the Great Protectors! The Great Protectors' powers are far beyond your imagination. It will never end well for you if you go up against us."