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1250 A Family Reunited, Except Shengxiao 17


Gu Ruoyun nodded as she took one last look at the couple in the guest house. "I'm heading off now, we shall meet again at the Lin family home."

She then made her way out of the guest house and disappeared before their eyes without another look back.

Dongfang Yu stared at Gu Ruoyun's departing figure as her gaze filled with reluctance. She then turned away and placed her head on Grand Lord Hong Lian's chest. "Brother Tian, I'm really grateful that you've made your way to the First City and brought our daughter here as well. I can't believe those Gu family b*stards. If they weren't already dead, I would have chopped them all up to minced meat!"

Last night, Grand Lord Hong Lian had explained Gu Ruoyun's life story to Dongfang Yu.

Dongfang Yu's entire body had trembled with rage after she found out that her precious daughter had nearly been killed by those Gu family b*stards. She almost ran towards hell to drag those assholes out and kill them all over away.

"I never thought that the Gu family would have turned out to be so malignant. Relatives like them are best left unacknowledged." Gu Tian then lowered his head at Dongfang Yu. "Now, as long as I have you and Yun'er by my side, it is enough. However, I don't know when Shengxiao will be joining us."

Dongfang Yu sighed gently, "Shengxiao should still be in West Spirit Mainland. Once we've had our revenge, let's go look for him, alright?"


Grand Lord Hong Lian nodded and smiled gently. "By then, our family will be truly reunited!"


Wind City.

Gu Ruoyun was just about to head off outside the city gate when a hurried and anxious voice sounded from behind her, crying out as they panted, "Master, Master, wait for me!"

Gu Ruoyun was stunned. She turned around in astonishment and her gaze landed on Elder Feng.

"What are you doing here?"

"Huff, puff!"

Elder Feng gasped for breath. "The Young Valley Lord just returned and said that you were about to leave this place so I wanted to come here and send you off. Master, will you be coming back?"

Gu Ruoyun shook her head as she stared at Elder Feng's face which was full of anticipation. "It's likely that I won't be returning to Wind City anymore."

Hearing this, Elder Feng's eyes filled with disappointment. He then rubbed his fist and asked cautiously, "Can I come and look for you then, Master?"

Gu Ruoyun was silent for a moment before she nodded. "If you want to see me, come over anytime."


Elder Feng's eyes lit up. He had prepared himself for a rejection from Gu Ruoyun but he never thought that she would agree.

"This is a book on the art of pill refinement." Gu Ruoyun crooked her finger and a book appeared in her hand. She then placed the book in front of Elder Feng and said, "As long as you can understand this book, you'll be able to learn pill refinement. As for pill formulas, that depends on your own ability to obtain them. I won't be giving any pill formulas to you."

After she spoke, she then slowly turned around and walked out of the city gate.

Elder Feng stared dazedly at the book in his hand and turned towards Gu Ruoyun. His eyes were filled with excitement and a complicated emotion.

He never thought that after his initial attitude towards her, this woman would let bygones be bygones and gift him a book about pill refinement. This kind of generosity could not be compared to anyone...

However, with this book, he could finally learn the art of pill refinement.

Elder Feng was overcome with excitement at the thought of this. He then clutched the book tightly in his grip as he stared at Gu Ruoyun as she left...