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1182 The Initial Search At The Ruins 4


The cultivator's fist landed on the stone man's body and everyone heard a brittle, cracking sound. A shriek, similar to a pig being slaughtered, then echoed through the ruins.


The cultivator's entire arm was twisted and the back of his hand was bloody with trails of blood trickling down slowly.

The stone man cracked his head as he staring disdainfully down at the cultivator who had gone pale. "Human," It exclaimed with ridicule, "Go home and cultivate a few more years before you can think about fighting me again! Oh, right! I forgot that you can't ever leave this place now!"

The stone man had not been harmed by the full-forced attack from the early-stage Martial Saint in the exceeding state. Furthermore, the stone man had not attempted to dodge the attack and had allowed the cultivator's fist to slam directly against his body.

"Let's attack together. There's so many of us, don't tell me that we can't even wound this fellow?"

Elder Mei gritted her teeth as she gave the order.

"That's right! Though one person alone cannot defeat it, why can't we injure it when there's so many of us?"


After saying his piece, another cultivator then charged towards the stone man.

Everyone else looked at each other as they drew their weapons and charged forward as well. One of them slashed their sword down, causing a wave of wind to slice down from the sky and slam fiercely towards the stone man's head.

The stone man stood very still and did not move. He did not even bother to resist and only smiled at the group of puny humans struggling in front of him.


Thunk, thunk, thunk!

Countless attacks shot towards the stone man on the ground, emitting a groaning sound which echoed throughout the ruins.

The stone man turned his head and spoke in a disdainful voice, "Is this the extent of your strength, humans? You are far too inferior in contrast with the ones who had come before you. Do you think that you can hurt me by attacking together? Your attacks had barely tickled me!"

"How can this be?"

The crowd took several steps back as they panted and stared at the stone man. "This stone man's power is probably at the late-stage exceptional state Martial Saint rank! There are quite a number of late-stage exceptional state Martial Saints amongst us too. How is it that we've been unable to hurt him?"

Elder Yun, who had not joined in the earlier fight, paused and explained, "Even though this stone man's power is at the late-stage exceptional state Martial Saint rank, the stone men race have always had a rock-hard body. It would be difficult to harm him even for those at the early-stage refined state."


The stone man burst into laughter. "Human, you are correct. Even though my powers have regressed now, I still have a solid shell. Hence, you cannot harm me. Are you all prepared to die now?"


A powerful energy exploded from the stone man's body and flew towards the cultivators in front of him, reaching the cultivators' faces instantly.


The stone man's fist landed fiercely on a cultivator's head with a force as great as a large mountain falling on him. The cultivator's head exploded and his brains dribbled out, splashing all over the ground.

"Watch out!"

Elder Mei cried out as she led the attackers towards the stone man.

"You've overestimated your abilities!"

The stone man laughed icily before he threw his fist at Elder Mei.

The fist landed heavily on Elder Mei's stomach with a loud thud and sent her body flying out of the way. She landed violently on the ground and large mouthfuls of blood began to sputter out from her mouth. She could only stare at the stone man who was standing in front of her as her face turned ashen.