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1181 The Initial Search At The Ruins 3

"Lady Gu."

Feng Yuqing glanced at Elder Yun, who had left and mildly lowered his gaze before saying, "Elder Yun is not like Elder Mei. She's very intelligent and I'm afraid that it won't be that easy to hide your identity from her. However, I can't let go of this inheritance either. You may carefully consider whether you want to help me or not."

It goes without saying that Feng Yuqing was not inferior when compared to Feng Xiaoxiao. However, as Feng Xiaoxiao was several years his senior, by the time he had grown some sense, the entire Wind Valley had fallen into Feng Xiaoxiao's hands. Hence, regardless of how great his power was, he has always had to conceal it.

Feng Yuqing understood that Gu Ruoyun was not someone that he could easily control. If he tried to mislead her, he would end up receiving the complete opposite of the desired result. Therefore, it was best to clearly explain the Charm Sect's power and to let her choose whatever she wishes.

Gu Ruoyun smiled. The inheritance? I had come here for the inheritance as well.

Hence, I have no intention of compromising for the Charm Sect or Feng Yuqing!

"Foolish humans! Who gave you the permission to enter our land?"

Just as the crowd reached a passage in the ruins, a wild laughter burst into the air. Everyone paused when they heard the sound of the laughter.

"Who's that?"

Elder Mei's expression changed and she clutched her sword tightly in her hand while her face filled with vigilance.


Just as the muffled cry sounded, the entire ruins began to shake. The crowd watched cautiously as a loud crash reverberated in the ruins. A rock had fallen from the sky and smashed a large hole in the ground.

The ground then began to move as the crowd watched...

"Sir, watch out!"

Feng Yi and Feng Wu's shocked faces had drained of color. They rushed to unsheath their swords and stood in front of Feng Yuqing, defending him. They then exclaimed with an ugly look on their faces, "This fellow is very powerful!"

"Foolish humans, intruding on another's territory without permission requires you to pay a price!"

The rock spoke in a low and hoarse voice. That voice carried an air of domineering arrogance as if a loud thunder was crashing into their hearts.

"The rock... The rock is talking?"

Some of them were stunned, it was likely that they had never seen anything quite as supernatural as this before.

A rock which can actually talk?

"This is a stone man from the ancient times." Elder Yun's eyes darkened as she slowly responded, "It's a species of spiritual beast! However, the stone men clan have vanished more than ten thousand years ago. I never thought that it would appear in these ruins. It seems that these ruins must be more than ten thousand years old."


These old ruins are ten thousand years old! Just how powerful was the Master of these ruins?

Perhaps they might never figure it out.

Some of them were already beginning to feel regretful. Why couldn't we have controlled our greed and stayed out of these ruins? What if we ended up losing our lives here? That would not be a good deal at all.

Unfortunately, the exit to the ruins was now closed. No matter how regretful they were now, it was useless. 

"Hmph! Human, you have some knowledge at least. You still know who I am despite the many years! It is unfortunate, however, that anyone who enters these ruins will never leave!" The stone man laughed icily and slowly rose to its feet from the ground. The ground shook with every step its large body took.

"You're merely a stone man, not some impenetrable defense. I simply do not believe that you can go up against so many of us!"

Under the stone man's oppression, a cultivator charged forward. His fist was enveloped in a layer of energy as it flew fiercely towards the stone man's body.