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1180 The Initial Search At The Ruins 2

She has the Ancient Divine Pagoda so she could have temporarily escaped the danger. Everyone else, however, would not be as lucky. They would all disappear in front of the ruins with no a soul spared!

Feng Yuqing's expression slowly sank. He then stared at the great door to the ruins which was now wide open and exclaimed darkly, "I sense that there are many more dangers lying within these ruins! I'm now unsure whether coming here was the right decision or not!"

However, if he was given another chance, he would still have made the trip here.

Purely because of the inheritance.

As long has he could obtain that inheritance, he might be able to defeat Feng Xiaoxiao!

Elder Yun looked somber as she stared at Gu Ruoyun and Feng Yuqing who had stayed at the same spot. A dark, puzzled yet gloomy light flashed in her eyes, "Were you aware of the dangers in the ruins?"

Otherwise, why would they have chosen to stand still unlike those other madmen?

"Elder Yun, you've overestimated them." Elder Mei overheard the woman's question and sneered. Her charming eyes were filled with disdain as she continued, "They merely lack the courage, they can't possibly be aware of the dangers within the ruins!"

Elder Yun did not reply but her expression remained icy. She could not shake off the feeling that the woman by Feng Yuqing's side was not as simple as she seems.

Otherwise, Feng Yuqing would never have brought her to a place like this.

That was right!

Feng Yuqing may be a hedonistic son with no achievements but that does not mean that he was a fool. He was still very conscious of what should be done and when.

"Let's make a move."

Elder Mei stared at Gu Ruoyun disdainfully and led the crowd from the Charm Sect into the ruins.

"The danger has passed, we shouldn't run into any other traps for the time being. However, as these ruins are not like any other, it's best that we keep an eye out."

Elder Yun thought for a moment as she glanced at Elder Mei and the rest who were making their way towards the ruins before she ran after them.


Everything was old and rusty in the ruins.

It was so quiet in the ruins that only the crowd's footsteps could be heard echoing throughout the deserted ruins...

After the first trap had been sprung outside the ruins, the cultivators who had survived were now less than half of the original number. However, the remainder were still very powerful. It would not be an easy task to grab the inheritance from beneath the noses of so many people.

"Who on earth are you!"

Just as Gu Ruoyun was observing the situation in the ruins, a low voice rang out beside her ear, "Furthermore, you're tagging along with the Young Sir of Wind Valley, what are you planning?"

Gu Ruoyun was shocked as she turned towards Elder Yun's questioning eyes and curled her lips indifferently. "I am only a nameless nobody, who on earth do you think I could be?"

"The Charm Sect must have this inheritance no matter what." Elder Yun's eyes darkened with viciousness as she replied icily, "If you dare go against us, all that awaits you is the fate of being hunted down and killed by the entire Charm Sect! So, my Lady, you'd better reconsider whether you really want to help Feng Yuqing!"

Once she had said her piece, she did not say anything else and headed towards the Charm Sect's party.

Elder Mei gently furrowed her brow, she was clearly unsatisfied with Elder Yun's words.

Hadn't this girl seduced the Second Young Master of Wind Valley merely to gain Wind Valley's favor? What power could she possibly have? Besides, this inheritance shall belong to the Charm Sect in the end. No one else should have the power to fight with us!