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1132 The Emissaries Of First City 2


A soft giggle sounded just as the emissary had finished speaking. The Vermillion Bird's childish voice soon chimed in, "Heaven? Isn't heaven a place that people only go to when they're dead? Could it be that one can only go to the First City when one is dead?"

The emissary's expression blackened instantly. If it had not been for the fact that the Vermillion Bird looked to be a five to six-year-old child, he would teach her a thorough lesson of the consequences on humiliating the First City.

"Hmph!" scoffed the emissary icily before he remarked arrogantly, "My purpose here today is to bring you all to the First City. I'm not here to quibble with a little girl! However, I need to inform you of the First City's rules as well."

"The First City is not like your mainland. In the eyes of the citizens of First City, the people of the mainland are merely people of the secular world. Even our lowest of the low would be more powerful than anyone from the secular world! Hence, don't think that just because you can break the law and commit crimes in the secular world that you could do the same thing in First City! It's true that you have broken through to the Martial Saint rank at the age of twenty or so and you can be considered an unparalleled genius! Unfortunately, in the eyes of the First City's cultivators, you are no different from an average citizen."

As one of First City's emissaries, he clearly has the right to be arrogant. These people who had broken through to the Martial Saint rank in the secular world could not be measured up in his eyes. 

Besides, who from the secular world would not bend the knee at the very sight of him? They would even fight to gain his favor all for the sake of receiving greater opportunities upon entering First City.

Hence, he believes that these two people before him were just like that too.

No one would be stupid enough to make an enemy of an emissary of the First City!

"Furthermore..." The emissary glanced at Gu Ruoyun and Grand Lord Hong Lian before he continued to speak, "In First City, no one can kill others arrogantly and without permission! Anyone who crosses this rule will receive severe punishment. Regardless of your previous grudges, you must write them all off! Otherwise, don't blame me for not reminding you."

Obviously, since the emissary had said these things, it proves that he had seen right through Grand Lord Hong Lian's identity. Naturally, he knew about the grudge between Grand Lord Hong Lian and the Lin family.

"Hahaha!" Grand Lord Hong Lian burst into maniacal laughter. His laughter was filled with dominance and rang throughout the entire Medicine Manor. "So, the emissaries of First City are that unreasonable! The Lin family has hunted me for so many years and had torn my family apart. Are you saying that I should not have my revenge? No matter what, I will repay the Lin family for their blood feud!"

The man's cold and grim features flashed with a deep murderous intent. His red robes filled with a murderous air, causing the temperature in the great hall to plummet.

"I'm only saying what needs to be said first." The emissary then gently narrowed his eyes as he replied in a cold and distant manner, "However, you must trust in the First City's power. Do you know why you're still alive despite being hunted by the Lin family for so many years? That's because the Lin family is under the First City's control and is unable to mobilize their powerful cultivators. Otherwise, you might have been dead long ago! However, as you are about to enter the First City, this means that the Lin family can now attack you whenever they wish! As long as it's not a large scale massacre, the First City will not interfere."

The emissary paused and his face was as now arrogant as before, "Hence, I'd advise you to lay down your grudges. This is for the sake of your own safety yet if you still remain wanton and unrestrained, you will call upon your own tragic end! I'll leave the token needed to enter the First City here. Farewell!"