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1076 Zixie“s Homecoming 5

The flaming dragon was in shock as he stared in astonishment at the two who had just emerged from the mountain cave.

"I never thought that the mountain cave in the lava pit would have lead up to the back mountain in Wind Fall Village. I had found it strange that the cave had felt so hot. Now I know it's because of the lava pit."

Gu Ruoyun's gaze then turned towards the flaming dragon. She grinned as she exclaimed, "Long time no see, your soul seems to have restored quite nicely."

The flaming dragon's initial shock turned into terror when he saw the smile on Gu Ruoyun's face. He immediately flew upwards with a whoosh and his body hovered closely to the cave's ceiling. "What do you want now?" he cried out in a sharp voice. "My soul is not appetizing at all, it does not taste good at all!"

The flaming dragon was nearly in tears.

He had remained hidden inside this cave and had not caused any more trouble for any humans of late. Why is this God of Plagues acting like a soul who is unable to depart from the world of the living? Besides, why had she emerged from behind me?

This was something that the flaming dragon could not understand. All he knows was that the God of Plagues had mentioned his soul!

That clearly meant that his soul seems to have restored quite well and she could have another good meal now!

Why should this not strike fear into his heart?

Gu Ruoyun blinked her eyes in amazement and rubbed her nose, rendered completely speechless.

I don't think I had done anything much so why is this guy acting so terrified?

"Ancestor, I'll call you my ancestor. Is that enough? Will you spare me now? I'm only a little dragon and you've already consumed so much of my soul. Is that not enough?"

It was hard to believe that a proud and large flaming dragon would actually be trembling with fright. He has no other request other than to wish for the God of Plagues to stay far, far away from him as soon as possible.

Otherwise, if this God of Plagues were to suddenly feel hungry and proceed to chew his soul into fragments... What would he do then?

Gu Ruoyun seems to remember something as she listened to the flaming dragon's pleas. Her eyes flickered and her lips curled into a smile as she said. "If you want me to spare you, it's not entirely impossible."

"Really?" The flaming dragon's eyes sparkled as he hurriedly exclaimed, "As long as you're willing to let me off, I will do anything."

Gu Ruoyun nodded. "I've just constructed more than ten graves at the top of this back mountain. My friends lie in those graves. I'll be giving you this responsibility, I want you to watch over those graves and not let anyone lay a hand on them!"

The flaming dragon was shocked. He then replied sluggishly, "I can't leave this cave, how am I supposed to protect those graves?"

"You may not be able to leave this cave but you can release your aura to scare any intruders off. Can you do that?"

Gu Ruoyun's heart was filled with remorse when she thought of Wind Fall Village.

If it had not been for her, those innocent villagers would never have lost their lives in the hands of the Lin family.

Hence, she would never allow anyone to disturb their peaceful rest! They had not enjoyed peace in life so, in death, she would grant them a peaceful paradise! However, she could not stand guard over this area all the time. Hence, she could conveniently utilize the cowardly flaming dragon.

Indeed, just as Gu Ruoyun had spoken, the flaming dragon anxiously nodded his head as if it was pounding garlic. "No problem, I can do that."

"Alright." Gu Ruoyun smiled as she threatened, "If I were to return and find out that someone has excavated those graves, there will no longer be any need for you to remain here."

The flaming dragon quivered violently and quickly pledged his determination, "Don't worry, I will watch over this place and not let anyone intrude here."

"Good." Gu Ruoyun's smile finally displayed satisfaction. She then turned towards Zixie and said, "Zixie, let's go."Are you sure, Gu Ruoyun? O.o