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954 Supreme Mystery Pill 5

"Elder Feng, what is the meaning of this?"

Feng Xiaoxiao glanced at the dazed Elder Feng as she asked. Her clear and light voice was emotionless. Similarly, her peerless face did not show any emotion either as she questioned, "How could you have failed?"

Prior to their arrival, Feng Xiaoxiao had absolute confidence in Elder Feng and she never expected that he would fail! 

"Eldest Lady, I've let you down." Elder Feng returned to his senses and he turned towards Feng Xiaoxiao, joined his fists and bowed. An apologetic look appeared on his elderly features as he said, "If Wind Valley's doctors had been here, perhaps I might have been able to refine this pill successfully. Unfortunately, Bai Zhongtian and Gao Lin's mental energies were too weak. Furthermore, at the most crucial point, Bai Zhongtian had abandoned the pill refinement process and released his shield, causing the explosion."

He had resolutely believed that they could not have failed based on his powers yet they had still failed in the end! Upon closer inspection, the reason for the failure was that his two helpers were far too useless! If Wind Valley's doctors had been in their place, the outcome would have been completely different!

"It was you who had failed to refine the pill yet you're now pushing the blame onto others. Is this the way of the mighty Wind Valley cultivators?" Gu Ruoyun swept her gaze towards Elder Feng as her light voice carried a thick sense of disdain.

Elder Feng's expression changed several times and his eyes turned gloomy, "Miss Gu, I recognize that you may be a genius and that you've grown at an exceptional speed in the outside world. However, you have absolutely no knowledge in pill refinement yet you continue to criticize me. Earlier on, if you had not asked Bai Zhongtian to raise his shield, this pill refinement process would have been a success!"

Gu Ruoyun smiled calmly, "While it's true that I may not be very knowledgeable about the pill refinement process, I'm a little bit more knowledgeable than you."


The silenced crowd erupted into an enormous commotion when they heard these words.

No one would dare to believe that anyone could fake it to this level.

Is she saying that her knowledge of pill refinement surpasses Elder Feng's? The crowd thought in unison. What kind of a joke is this? What kind of a place is the First City? Wind Valley is placed at the middle tier of power in the First City yet she still dares to act like a pretentious prick in front of Elder Feng?

Is she not afraid of being struck by lightning?

"Gu girl," Gao Lin's expression changed a little and his eyes filled with anxiety. From his point of view, despite how powerful Gu Ruoyun's spiritual beast was, it could not be compared to a cultivator from the First City so she would do well not to offend them.

He hurriedly shot Bai Zhongtian a look and tried to get the Holy Doctor to stop Gu Ruoyun.

However, Bai Zhongtian did not seem to see it that way at all. His elderly face was full of smiles as he stared proudly at the green figure who was illuminated by the setting sun.

Gao Lin laughed bitterly.

How could I forget, this old fellow, Bai Zhongtian, has never been afraid. Even if the Heavenly Emperor himself were to appear, he would cover it up as much as possible! Why should he speak up and stop Gu Ruoyun just because of a threat from Wind Valley's cultivators?


Elder Feng chuckled, his smile was an ugly sight to behold and carried a hint of malice, "Gu girl, you seem to be rather confident in your abilities. Since that's the case, I wonder if you'll succeed in refining the pill?"


Hearing this, everyone present could not help but laugh.

Even the elders who were standing behind Feng Xiaoxiao could not stop themselves from speaking, "Elder Feng, why are you being so calculative towards a little girl? Since she says that you can't be compared to her, let her be. You won't lose out on much anyways. In contrast, haggling over every ounce will only make others believe that you, an elder, are bullying someone younger than you. Wind Valley would never stand up for such a thing."You caused the explosion, you dimwit. *rolls eyes*