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953 Supreme Mystery Pill 4

"She should get lost, a child shouldn't create more trouble for their elders. We still want to witness the production process of a pill. If the pill refinement process fails because of you, can you shoulder that responsibility?"

No one believed in Gu Ruoyun's words. After all, from what they could tell, Elder Feng was much more experienced when compared to this little girl. If there was anyone here who stands a chance to successfully refine a pill, it would be Elder Feng!

Who does she think she is to criticize and give orders to Elder Feng with such audacity. If she really causes Elder Feng to fail, she would become a criminal of the mainland!

"Master," Gu Ruoyun glanced at Elder Feng who looked indifferent and calmly said, "Remember to put up your defenses to avoid getting hurt. Don't worry about anyone else."

Bai Zhongtian immediately raised his shields and, at the same time, Gao Lin did not hesitate to order everyone else in the Medicine Sect to raise their shields as well.

Even he does not know why he trusts Gu Ruoyun so much.

"Simply a bunch of idiots!"

The little Vermillion Bird pursed her adorable little lips and stared disdainfully over at the old men who were flaunting their seniority. She raised an elegant brow and said, "Don't blame my Master for not advising you, it was you who had refused to listen to her words. Should an injury occur, don't blame anyone else but yourselves."


Just as the little Vermillion Bird spoke, a loud and powerful blast suddenly exploded from the center of the plaza. The aftermath of the explosion was scattered everywhere, it had even caused the plaza's ground to rise and fall, turning the whole place into a ruin in an instant!



Feng Xiaxiao suddenly rose to her feet as her beautiful eyes stared in shock at the wreckage in front of her. Her gorgeous gaze pierced through the thick smoke and turned towards a flash of green robes which were steadfast like a bamboo tree while her pretty hand tightly gripped the edge of her chair!

It had exploded!

Elder Feng's pill refining process has actually generated an explosion! 

How was this woman so certain that the pill would explode when Elder Feng increased the flames?


The entire plaza reverted back to silence after the explosion. After a long pause, the smokey plaza erupted with loud chatters. Everyone had an unmasked sense of shock in their voice.

"It exploded, it had really exploded! How could this be? Elder Feng has such great power yet how could that little girl have predicted the outcome so accurately?"

"I feel as if my thighs have been paralyzed from the explosion! This is the extent of the power within a pill that even I, a Martial Honor, could end up sustaining such a heavy injury!"

"Hehe, it's a good thing that I had the foresight to raise my shields so my injuries aren't too severe."

As the smoke cleared, the ruined plaza slowly came into view.

Due to the magnitude of the explosion, most of the cultivators who had not utilized their shields had received heavy injuries. Of course, aside from the ones Gu Ruoyun had helped, only the cultivators from the Medicine Sect and Wind Valley had remained unscathed!

The Medicine Sect's members had raised their shields due to Gao Lin's orders, as for Wind Valley...

Their powers were simply far too great! The magnitude of an explosion like this was not enough to harm a cultivator at the rank of a Martial Saint and above!

However, everyone else was not so lucky. Some of the more severe cases had their limbs blasted from their bodies. When Gao Lin became aware of this, he immediately ordered the Medicine Sect's doctors to send the casualties away to receive treatment.

This was the consequences of their disbelief towards Gu Ruoyun's words.

"Impossible. This is impossible."

Elder Feng stared foolishly at the shattered medicine cauldron. His eyes filled with disbelief and he could not understand it. I had clearly done everything according to order so how could I have failed in the refinement process?