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860 The Xia Family“s Destruction 6

Xia Ming could not stop himself from stumbling back and he shut his eyes in despair.

He had thought that once he had obtained the Vermillion Bird, he would have something to be proud of. However, he never expected Gu Ruoyun to have three of the Four Divine Beasts in her hand. Because of this, no one on this mainland could be compared to her!

"Leader," Chi was still unable to grasp the situation at hand and eyed Tianqiong's cold features with suspicion, "What on earth do you mean? Has he slandered this woman? What is going on?"

"Chi," Yunyao shook her head and smiled exasperatedly, "After so many years, you're still the same and are far too naive. Do you believe in everything anyone says? Master has never hurt us, besides, she had saved all of our lives. Even if we were to sacrifice our lives for her someday, we would do it willingly and she would not need to force us to do that."


The Vermillion Bird was now thoroughly enraged!

This damned human has actually dared to deceive me and caused a misunderstanding between me and my friends' savior?

"Xia Ming, you damned brat, you dared to deceive me!!!" Chi gnashed her teeth as the fire in her eyes burned with increasing ferocity. The furious flames almost seemed as if they were going to flare out from her eyes, "Since you had dared to do such a thing, you must pay the price! I am a member of the majestic Four Divine Beasts yet I have been deceived by a tiny little human like you! If it were not for you, I would not have nearly hurt the wrong person by mistake. You can go to hell!"

Bang, bang, bang!

Endless flames spiraled in an earth-shattering manner towards Xia Ming, scaring him so badly that he urinated in his pants. His face was white and devoid of all color.


Tianqiong's face sank, "Don't kill him yet. Hand this person over to our master, she will deal with him."

Deep down, Chi was extremely displeased by this. With a wave of her hand, she extinguished the raging flames and turned around to look at the three friends behind her with a pouty and adorable little cherubic face.

"Hmph. If you don't want me to kill him, then I won't kill him. Besides, killing him will only stain my hands with filth. However, Leader, this human may have saved your lives but you don't need to follow her around. We spiritual beasts have always pursued freedom so why bind ourselves to limitations? Especially since this human's powers aren't very much to shout about."

Chi glanced at Gu Ruoyun as she spoke. This woman has considerable talent amongst the other humans. However, to her, she was not worth mentioning as long she was unable to defeat her!

"Chi!" Yunyao's expression changed because she had noticed the dark look on Xiao Zixie's face. She then hurriedly chastized Chi, "She is our master. We've sworn to protect her from the day we've contracted ourselves to her. You should probably prepare to form a contract with her as well."


Chi was stunned, she could hardly believe her ears.

"Yunyao, you're asking me to form a contract with a human?"

Yunyao nodded, "We're already bound to her so if you wish to continue to be with us, you will have to form a contract with her. Otherwise, from now on, we shall have to be separated."

Separated from my companions?

How could this be? I've been searching for them for so long, how could I willingly allow myself to be separated from them?

Chi's delicate pink cheeks flushed red. Her pitiful little expression was enough to invoke an urge to pamper her lovingly. She stared at Yunyao and carefully and asked, "Can I not form a contract? I don't want to become a human's tool for battle. Even though she had saved you, this was all definitely for the sake of goading you all into fighting for her."

It goes without saying that Chi was speaking the truth.