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617 Unifying Black Rock City 3

In the Murong family drawing room, all the organizations who had heard the rumors and come to visit were seated at the lower area in extreme deference. Not a single one of them dared to speak and the drawing room was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. 

Just then, the shuffling sound of footsteps was heard. 

Master Murong, who was on his own, walked quickly towards them. He then walked to the front of the room without acknowledging any of them at all. 

However, he did not sit in the main seat on the raised platform which had been his usual seat in the past. Instead, he went to the seat on the right. He looked completely nonchalant as if nothing was wrong. 

Then, before the crowd's eyes, a flash of green robes drew nearer from afar as the person slowly walked into the room. 

It was a woman with delicate and pretty features. She was not a devastatingly beautiful woman but she has a kind of beauty that seemed untouchable, especially with that clear and cold manner in which she carried herself. Her beauty was such that one would find it difficult to look away. 

Yeh Luo clenched his fists tightly as he trembled with rage. His venomous and sinister eyes were dead fixed on Gu Ruoyun. 

This woman was still alive!

Not only was she alive, she has caused a gigantic stir in Black Rock City from the moment she had stepped out of the Tomb!

However, Yeh Luo still found it hard to believe that this young woman was single-handedly responsible for the Wolf's Fang Robbers destruction! Even with the verification from the Black Cloud Auction, he still refused to believe it. 

That was simply too outrageous! No matter how powerful her talents are, she couldn't possibly have broken through to the rank of a Martial Honor at such a young age!

Perhaps it was some other strong cultivator who had destroyed the Wolf's Fang Robbers and she just happened to pass by. That's why so many people had seen her descending the mountain!

Therefore, he was here today to expose her in front of all these people!

Gu Ruoyun stepped towards the raised dais in large strides and straightened her sleeves before she sat down. Her clear, cold gaze swept across every leader of the families present and finally landed on the Three Great Authorities who were at the frontmost of the crowd. 

"My apologies, I was still resting at the time of your arrival and had made you wait for quite a while. I ask that the three of you do not blame me."

Mei Xue covered her lips and giggled seductively, her voice was incomparably charming, and made one feel numb to the bone, "Lady Gu, you must be tired from your journey. We can wait. Please do not take this to heart, Lady Gu. Additionally, these are presents from the Mei family as tokens of our respect for you, Lady Gu. I ask for your forgiveness in my neglect towards the Murong family during the past year, Lady Gu."

As she spoke, Mei Xue shot a look at the person next to her who received the order and walked towards Gu Ruoyun, clutching a box.

"This is a treasure which has been handed down from generation to generation in the Mei family. I myself am not too sure on its proper uses as no one in the past generations has managed to figure out how to use it. I believe that this treasure is only fit for a genius like you, Lady Gu."

Once the black box had been placed before Gu Ruoyun, her expression changed slightly. She then wrinkled her brow and used her mental capacity to explore the strange aura she had sensed but was blocked by a seal in the box.

Instantly, her expression displayed a hint of curiosity. Even with her current level of strength, she was unable to break the seal.

What could be in this box?

Gu Ruoyun quickly concealed all traces of peculiarity in her eyes and raised her hand, gesturing for the box to be accepted. She then replied. "Many thanks to you, Lady Mei Xue."

Mei Xue had been watching Gu Ruoyun's every expression from the very beginning so when she saw that she had accepted the box, she mentally heaved a sigh of relief. 

Her willingness to accept this gift means that she has forgiven the Mei family. Looks like this trip was not a waste of time.