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490 Shi Yun“s Demise 5

"Cough, cough."

Wu Yue let out another cough but this time, there was no blood. She turned her clear, limpid eyes toward Shi Yun as a cold smile formed in the corners of her lips, "Shi Yun, have you really forgotten about me? But I've never been able to forget you despite the many years. If it weren't for you, I would never have endured so much suffering!"

At this very moment, Shi Yun's expression was an exceptionally ugly sight to behold. Her body, already paralyzed on the ground, seemed to wobble, weaken, and lose its spirit. 

She's still alive! Shi Yun fumed. That damned woman was still alive!


I cannot be defeated here, at least not in front of this woman.

"Leng Yanfeng, kill her. I order you to kill her!"

Amidst the gentle breeze, Leng Yanfeng stood silently rooted to the spot as if he did not hear her. He stared in astonishment at that bloodied face. 

Even though the woman's face was covered in blood, it did not conceal her clear, limpid eyes. 

How many dreams have I had, he wondered, Where those eyes would appear before mine, sending my heart into a race, faster than ever...

No wonder... 

It's no wonder that even though Junior Sister Shi Yun looked exactly like her, but her eyes were so different in contrast from when we last met all those years ago. All this time, I thought that she had changed along with the passage of time...

But I never thought that the one who had saved me from that abyss was actually another woman. 

"Is it you?"

Leng Yanfeng staggered, remorse displayed clearly on his handsome face. He reached his hand out to Wu Yue, but let it fall back weakly to his side in the end. 

I... have used this very hand to harm the woman who I've truly been searching for... just a while ago!

"Leng Yanfeng, are you no longer listening to my orders? Kill this sl*t immediately. Hurry up and kill her!"

Shi Yun no longer cared about her facade and screamed at Leng Yanfeng like a madwoman. 

A cruel, bloodthirsty look appeared from within her beautiful eyes. It was as if nothing could quell the hatred in her heart, even if this woman were drawn and quartered!

Leng Yanfeng still remained motionless, staring dumbfoundedly at that familiar-looking face and asked, "Many years ago, the person who saved me... Was it you? The one who had pulled me out of that abyss filled with hopelessness... Was it you?"

Wu Yue glanced at Leng Yanfeng's pale face and replied indifferently, "So what if I was your rescuer or if I'm not? You belong to Shi Yun so it is fated that you are my enemy. For all the hurt that she has caused me, I shall return it accordingly to all of you."

You belong to Shi Yun. It is fated that you are my enemy...


Her words were like a heavy hammer pounding into Leng Yanfeng's heart, causing him to stagger back. His face was now as pale as a ghost. Suddenly, he drove his fist into Shi Yun's chest as if he had flown into madness and screamed furiously, "You! Why did you lie to me? Why did you lie to me???"

Remorse, hatred, anger, heartache... 

All these emotions were now mixed in a bundle within Leng Yanfeng's heart. 

Deep down, in Leng Yanfeng's heart, Junior Sister Shi Yun had always held a position equivalent to a fairy from the very beginning. He would never hesitate to sacrifice himself for her sake. He was even willing to marry Gu Ruoyun, whom he did not love so that she could be with the man she loved. 

Even when he discovered her true colors, he still remained by her side. Even when faced with enemies he could not defeat, he had never faltered, not even once. 

And the reason why he had willingly invested so much for her sake was because he had mistaken Shi Yun for the good samaritan who had once saved his life. 

Who was also the person who had changed his life!

Yet now, he had suddenly found out that the person he has been holding onto all these years was not Shi Yun at all!

Furthermore, he had ended up hitting and hurting the real person whom he had been searching for, all for the sake of a mistaken identity. How could he possibly accept this?