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The Honorable Sir Tianqi immediately remembered how she was his younger sister's maternal granddaughter and his heart leaped with joy. 

That Honorable Poison Master will probably never be able to snatch this girl away from me now! He thought with glee. 

In contrast with the silently celebrating Honorable Sir Tianqi, Bai Xiangtian's expression was simply terrifying. He stared gloomily at Gu Ruoyun and a murderous look flashed across his face. 

"I've told you, you're not a true high-level Martial Emperor. You're only a fake who had used mysticism to achieve your breakthrough. Your true level of strength remained at around that of a mid-level Martial Emperor. The rest of it was completely fake."

Gu Ruoyun lowered her gaze at the young woman in white who was lying in a pool of her own blood and calmly spoke, "Also, do you know why I did not use my spiritual weapon to defeat you in the beginning? It's because I wanted to have physical contact with you in order to place a type of medicine on your body. This medicine has the ability to strip you of your disguise. Now, I'm going to see... Just who you truly are!"

The young woman in white was momentarily stunned. Just then, she felt an intolerable itch all over her face and raised her hand to scratch it. However, once she began scratching, a piece of skin was torn off her face. Soon, the entire bit of skin on her face was peeled off, leaving a peerlessly beautiful face that could cause the downfall of cities before the very eyes of the crowd. 

Aside from Gu Ruoyun, who had already guessed her true identity, everyone else was shocked. They stared in astonishment at the arena and some even lost their composure, bursting into rampant swear words. 

"F*ck! How could it be her? What is she doing here?"

"Her display of venomous bloodlust just a moment ago... Could it be that her fairy-like nature all these years... was nothing more than a facade? What hard work it must have been for her to put on this act for such a long time without tiring herself out."

"Tsk tsk. Xueyi of the Medicine Order had claimed that she was only sixteen years of age. It was she who claimed that she was younger than Gu Ruoyun. They f*cking had the gall to spout such words? She also dared to claim that she was the greatest genius of all time? A twenty-year-old masquerading as a sixteen-year-old for the sake of proving to others that she was far more talented... Has she got no shame?"

Everyone knew that the definition of a genius was closely related to one's age. 

If you were already in your seventies, no one would consider you a genius even if you had broken through to the ranks of a Martial Honor. You're barely even considered as a strong cultivator! However, it was different for a twenty to thirty-year-old. Even if the youth was only a high-level Martial Emperor, they would be far more important than the dried up old prune who was at the rank of a Martial Honor. 

That's because if one were to reach such a high level at a young age, their development would be far greater in the future. 

Hence, her act in disguising herself as a sixteen-year-old at the rank of high-level Martial Emperor could only be for the sake of receiving the title of the greatest genius of all time! The most laughable part? It would seem that her standard as a high-level Martial Emperor wasn't even real. She had only raised her power through mysticism.

She would return to her base power in just a short period of time. 

And would even suffer serious side effects as a result. 

Xueyi's face turned an ugly shade especially when she remembered her boasting. She dearly wished that the floor would open up and swallow her whole. At least that would be better than having to endure this jeering. 

"Shi Yun."

Gu Ruoyun glanced at the person on the ground with a calm yet faint smile hanging on her face. "Long time no see. You've certainly given me an earth-shattering surprise. I assume that the one who had helped the Medicine Order to cheat their way through the first round was you?"

Her tone of voice was even yet it rang loudly in every ear.

What? The audience thought in unison. They cheated in the first round between Qing Ling and Qingyun?

Shi Yun's expression changed and she sneered, "It was the Dongfang family that lacked talent yet you insist on shirking the responsibility. Gu Ruoyun, you are a shameless person of vile character!"

Every time she remembered the torture she have had to endure, she would grit her teeth hatefully.