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401 Burned The Old Fart“s Clothes 1

Was this not considered as 'enemies on a narrow road'?
Gu Ruoyun sighed helplessly. She certainly did not expect to bump into Dongfang Yan on the second day of her visit to the Dongfang Family.
"Xiao Yan, what's happening?"
A voice filled with concern sounded from behind Dongfang Yan. A young man in embroidered robes came into view and appeared by Dongfang Yan's side. He frowned at Gu Ruoyun, who stood in front of the two.
"Who is she?"
"Lin Shao, you've come just in time. This woman was brought in by the Young Master but she knows nothing about the rules. She had entered the Dongfang Family's forbidden strip, I was just about to bring her in for punishment!"
Dongfang Yan arrogantly raised her head and stared at Gu Ruoyun with disdain.
The man who was addressed as Lin Shao shot a glance filled with loathing at Gu Ruoyun and let out a scornful scoff, "A woman brought home by Dongfang Shaoze? What relationship could you possibly have with Dongfang Shaoze?"
"What sort of relationship do you think?" Dongfang Yan sneered scornfully, "That Dongfang Shaoze shields her so much, you don't need to think too far to guess that it's that sort of shameful relationship. A nice little lady does not need to use that sort of 'benefit' to seduce a man. I, Dongfang Yan, have always looked down on shameless women like you."
The disdain showed clearly on Dongfang Yan's heroic-looking face. From what she could tell, this woman had latched herself onto the Young Master in order to gain favor with influential forces. How could she be of any good? But it was simply too bad that the Master would never allow a woman like her to enter the Dongfang Household.
There was also that silver-haired man by this woman's side, but regardless of how powerful that man was, he's no match for the powers of the Dongfang Family.
"That's right, women like her are extremely disgusting. Only you, Xiao Yan, can be considered outstanding as you've always relied on your own talent and power to get to where you are now." Lin Shao said as he lovingly scraped Dongfang Yan's nose, "Unlike some people, who think that gaining favor can ensure that she'll never have to worry about clothes and food for the rest of her life but scarcely realizing that in this mainland, only the strong are respected. Relying on a man would be useless - only with one's own strength can one gain a foothold. I wonder when she'll actually be able to understand this principle."
Lin Shao spoke with mockery and ridicule, his gaze was filled with scorn as if the young girl before him had done something absolutely shameful.
Gu Ruoyun had her arms crossed over her chest from the very beginning and watched the two as they echoed each other with a half smile on her face.
"Lin Shao? Your surname is Lin?" Her lips curled as the young girl's smile grew more pronounced, "So you are not a member of the Dongfang Family? It would seem that this Dongfang Family isn't much if they simply allowed anyone to enter their ranks."

"What drivel are you saying?"
Lin Shao's eyes turned cold and he scoffed, "I might as well tell you the truth, my younger sister will soon become Young Master Dongfang's wife. Our two families may not be considered equal but based on my sister's looks and talents, she's indeed a good match for Dongfang Shaoze. Even if she becomes Dongfang Shaoze's wife, my sister will not simply attach herself to him. This was something a woman like you, who only knows how to hitch a ride to the sky on a dragon or a phoenix, can never match up to."
Uncle is getting a wife?
Gu Ruoyun cocked an eyebrow and wondered, how was it that I have never heard him mention this?
Besides, my uncle's looks are like a celestial being from a picture, I certainly don't know what woman could stand next to him and be not be outshone by him...
"I'm tired," Gu Ruoyun yawned then curled her lips into a smile, except her dark eyes had sunk into a pair of bottomless pits, "If there's nothing else, please excuse me."