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400 Enemies On A Narrow Road 4

Gu Ruoyun smiled, "You didn't see them when they were alive and you didn't see their corpses when they were reported deceased. So how are you so sure that they're both dead?"
"Yun'er, we've also thought about this as well. At the time your maternal grandfather had sent his men to search the surroundings of that cliff. But the cliff was extremely deep and on that cliff, it would be nearly impossible to fully utilize a Martial Emperor's flying abilities. There were also no caves on the precipice of the cliff. At the bottom of the cliff were countless ferocious spiritual beasts. So, based on these the possibility of their survival was zero."
"Maternal grandmother, I only believe in my own eyes," Gu Ruoyun raised her head, staring up at Lan Yuge's beautiful face, "I have not seen their bodies so I don't believe that they are dead. I will find them even if I have to travel to the ends of the earth! If they are not on this mainland, I will search for them in another one! I will never rest until I find them!"
Lan Yuge observed the young girl's expression which was full of resolution and murmured to herself, "Alike, you are far too alike. Your personality is exactly like your father's. If we didn't have to keep your mother in the dark of the dangers faced by the Dongfang Family long ago, I would have loved to hold a wedding ceremony for your parents. Unfortunately, this can only remain as my desire..."
Previously, there weren't many young people whom she had admired, only Gu Tian!
Honestly, she really liked this son-in-law of hers. Even the old man was satisfied. Unfortunately, those whom the Gods love die young. If he was still alive, based on his level of talent, he would have become a Martial Honor or even higher by now...
"Maternal grandmother, you will have the chance in the future."
Gu Ruoyun raised her head and spoke with determination.
Before she sees their bodies, she will never believe that they are truly dead.
"I hope that will be so," Lan Yuge sighed as she held Gu Ruoyun's hand tightly and said, "Yun'er, if you wish to visit me more often during your stay with the Dongfang Family, you can use this back mountain token whenever you wish. As long as you hold that in your hands, you can come and visit me. Other than you, only Ze'er is in possession of this token."
Many who do not know the truth would think that Master Dongfang was the number one cultivator in the Dongfang Family. But in fact, the true number one cultivator was Lan Yuge. If she does not wish for anyone else to disturb her by visiting the mountain, even Master Dongfang would not have the authority to do so.
"Oh?" Gu Ruoyun played with the token in her hand and asked with strong interest, "The old fart, he doesn't have this?"
"He does not have a token, but he does have a chance," Lan Yuge raised her lips into a smile, "He is allowed to see me three times a year."
Three times?
Gu Ruoyun's smile grew even more pronounced, she was now clearly in a great mood.

That old fart was only allowed to visit maternal grandmother three times, she thought, yet I can come whenever I wish. If he ever found out about this, he would surely go mad with rage...
The back mountains.
After Gu Ruoyun had bid Lan Yuge goodbye, she leisurely walked out of the mountain, clearly very pleased with herself.
However, as they say, an unlucky person could get cavities even just by drinking water.
Just as Gu Ruoyun made her descent from the mountain, she bumped into a familiar figure! That person turned out to be the one who had tried to search her outside the city gates — Dongfang Yan.
This moment can be considered as a situation of when two enemies come face to face with their eyes blazing in hatred. Dongfang Yan glared at Gu Ruoyun as her nostrils flared into a soft scoff, "Damned girl, I've caught you again! You certainly are bold. You can't even follow simple rules - this mountain is the Dongfang Family's forbidden strip of land. It's prohibited to enter here! Who gave you the permission to enter the back mountain? This time, no one can shield you, even if you were the Young Master's friend!"