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399 Enemies On A Narrow Road 3

"But..." Lan Yuge then laughed bitterly, "Who would have known that in the end, we would receive news of your mother's death! After that, your maternal grandfather gathered the family elders for a meeting. But in the end, we could not avenge your mother! After a lot of investigation, we discovered that the real person behind your parents' murder was a powerful cultivator from another mainland! If he insisted on provoking him, it would only topple the Dongfang Family and the gains don't make up for the losses. So, unless your maternal grandfather had absolute certainty that he could fight that power, he wouldn't lead the Dongfang Family members to their deaths in vain."
As if she could feel the young girl in her arms trembling, Lan Yuge gently took her hand and said, "You may think that your maternal grandfather doesn't care about you and your brother but it was the opposite. However, at that time the Dongfang family's situation was becoming even more arduous. You and your brother were only children then. If the Dongfang Family can't even protect itself, wouldn't we cause you to lose your innocent lives as well? If that's the case, wouldn't it be better to leave you on the outside instead? But your maternal grandfather never stopped worrying about you both from the start so he had sent people to investigate your situation in secret. The results of the investigation told us that you were a good-for-nothing and that your brother was a genius. He believed that your brother's gifts would certainly receive favor from the Gu Family. So even if you were a good-for-nothing, the Gu Family wouldn't be too harsh on the both of you. Hence, in order to prevent the other powers from finding out about your existence, he withdrew his men. But who would have known that you would have had to go through so many hardships..."
Now, whenever she thought of the bitter experiences that Dongfang Shaoze had informed her of, Lan Yuge's heart would ache. Her heart ached for Gu Ruoyun's silent endurance and strength and the inhuman abuse she has had to face.
"If we had known earlier of how the Gu Family would end up treating you, we would have taken you away immediately. Unfortunately, we had regarded the Gu Family too highly; we thought that they would treat you well on account of your brother's gifts..."
Gu Ruoyun lightly lowered her lashes, she could not stop her voice from trembling.
"Why didn't uncle tell me these things? When I quarreled with the old fart, he said nothing."
Lan Yuge shook her head and gently caressed Gu Ruoyun's hair, "Your uncle was in seclusion so he did not know exactly what had happened. As for your maternal grandfather... That's the old fellow's personality. He has a sharp tongue but a soft heart. He does not like admitting his concerns and would hide everything in his heart. Because of this, many people misunderstood his intentions, but who asked him to be born with this sort of personality?"
Upon mentioning the love of her life, Lan Yuge's gaze grew soft. No matter the misunderstandings which had been thrown at him from the world, as long as she had understood, that would be enough.

"Maternal grandmother," Gu Ruoyun raised her head and gazed at Lan Yuge, whose face was as fair as jade, "I heard from uncle that you've stayed here for over ten years and that you've never left. Why won't you go down the mountain?"
Hearing this, Lan Yuge smiled faintly, her eyes were now filled with sadness.
"This is the punishment I've sentenced myself to, the punishment for a mother who wasn't able to protect her daughter. I deserve this. Yun'er, if your uncle wants you to persuade me to leave, then it's best that you don't say anything. I will not leave. I was not able to protect my only daughter, so I deserve to remain here and enjoy the pleasures of loneliness forever."
"Maternal grandmother," Gu Ruoyun's eyes turned slightly serious, "Are you absolutely sure that my parents have passed away?"
Lan Yuge stared blankly for a moment before looking at Gu Ruoyun with slight confusion.
"I've only heard them say this as well. According to them, they fell into a bottomless pit and no bodies were found."