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390 The Head Of the Dongfang Family, Grandfather? 2

Dongfang Yan waved her glamorous hand and ordered with thunder-like violence and wind-like swiftness, a group of women officials. Her sharp eyes flashed as they looked over Gu Ruoyun and Qianbei Ye at the gate with an investigative look.
"Yes, General!"
Once she had given the order, two women officials descended from their horses and approached the two.
As he watched the two ladies making their way towards him, Qianbei Ye could not help but imagine a scenario of himself being touched by the two ladies. He felt a twinge of disgust and a torrential wind rose from around him. His silvery hair danced in the wind and his incomparably beautiful face seemed to be covered by a dark cloud. "Go away!" He shouted coldly.
Before the women officials could even reach Qianbei Ye, a shapeless force slammed into their chests. They couldn't even figure out what was going on before they were thrown fiercely onto the crowd.
"How dare you!"
Dongfang Yan's face was now filled with rage as she pulled out her whip. Her whip was extremely sharp and curled like a dragon towards Qianbei Ye's neck.
Everyone imagined that if the whip were to land on his head, the silver-haired man in red would collapse onto the ground.
Just as the whip reached in front of Qianbei Ye's face, a flaming blaze appeared on the whip, igniting the hemp twist and slowly started trailing upwards. Under the burning heat of the flames, Dongfang Yan's eyes filled with panic as she hurriedly threw the whip onto the ground. She stared, pale-faced at Qianbei Ye.
"What are you?'
This man is far too powerful, she thought, I don't believe that such a powerful man would come here for no particular reason!
In order to protect the Dongfang Family, I will not let them pass!
Qianbei Ye's eyes slowly turned towards Dongfang Yan.
Red light poured into the man's eyes as if the flames of hell were burning within his eyes, causing Dongfang Yan to tremble. She bit her lips which were gradually turning purple and stared in terror at the incomparably beautiful man before her.
I've never seen anyone with such bloodthirsty eyes, she thought, how many people did he have to kill for his eyes to look like that?
"Zhang Li, these are the people that the Young Master wish to meet?"
Dongfang Yan bit her lower lip before she roared angrily while pointing at Zhang Li, "These two clearly harbor ill intentions towards our Dongfang City, yet you dared to make use of the Young Master's name and grant her entrance? You're clearly a traitor! Wait until I report this to the Master, then I'll deal with you, you scum!"
Zhang Li smiled bitterly as he thought, this lady is the Master of the Hundred Herb Hall, how could the people next to her not lose their temper at the prospect of being searched? But Zhang Li knew that even if he told her who she was, the usually arrogant General Dongfang would not believe him.
"General, they really are guests of the Young Master! It would be difficult if the Young Master grew anxious from waiting." Zhang Li replied threateningly.

Dongfang Yan scoffed coldly and replied with disdain, "These two are spies and no one can save them! I advise you both to obediently let us tie you up. This is Dongfang City! If you choose to take the side of the evildoer, do not blame me, Dongfang Yan for being discourteous!"
So what if this child is powerful, he's probably only a Martial Emperor at the most! She thought. The Master of the Dongfang Family was a mid-stage Martial Emperor, how could they not fear him?
If Dongfang Yan had known of how Qianbei Ye had dispatched those Martial Emperors so easily, would she still be thinking of it that way...
"Oh? To whom were you going to act discourteously?"