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389 The Head Of the Dongfang Family, Grandfather? 1

Dongfang City.
This is where the Dongfang Family reside. Dongfang City is very much like Heaven City and the position of the Dongfang Family was like that of the Xia Family in Heaven City. Every kilometer surrounding Dongfang City belongs to the Dongfang Family.
In the Dongfang Family, it's entirely forgivable if you don't know Master Dongfang's name; you will also be forgiven if you were ignorant of the identity of the Dongfang Family's Young Master. But there is one name that everyone must know — the former number one genius of the Dongfang Family who had once shocked the entire mainland; the woman who had been highly sought after by the Three Great Authorities, Dongfang Yu!
It's said that not only did Dongfang Yu of the Dongfang Family have a face that could cause the downfall of cities, she had always been exceptionally talented! Unfortunately, the heavens were jealous of her beauty for shortly after Dongfang Yu's disappearance, news spread that she had met her demise. No one really knew what the Master of the Dongfang Family really said when he addressed the crowd with the news, all they knew was that after the meeting, the Master of the Dongfang Family had suddenly aged ten years...
However, since the beginning of the incident, the Dongfang Family had not made any movement. Even now, no one knew who the culprit was behind Dongfang Yu's death...
At this very moment, outside the tight security of the city gates, a shock of green robes paused. A young girl stroked her chin and raised her head to look at the grand gates with a lightly cocked eyebrow, "What happened to Dongfang Family? Why are the guards searching the visitors so stringently? Whatever it is, I'll discuss this when I meet with my uncle. Xiao Ye, let's go."
She then walked straight towards the city gates.
"Both of you, please show your identity tokens."
Just as Gu Ruoyun stepped in front of the city gate, the voice of a city official sounded in a slow, cold, and mechanical voice. But when he raised his head towards Gu Ruoyun, a hint of surprise flashed across his eyes.
"My lady, are you Lady Gu?"
Gu Ruoyun went blank for a bit before nodding her head, "That's right, I'm Gu Ruoyun."
"Lady Gu, you've finally arrived," The city official wiped the sweat on his forehead as a smile appeared on his cold expression, "I am under the orders of the Young Master to await your arrival in his place, Lady Gu. Seeing as you've arrived, then I will take you to meet the Young Master."
Before this, the Young Master had shown Gu Ruoyun's portrait to them. Once she had arrived, there would be no need for them to search her and she would be permitted into Dongfang City immediately.
This was the reason why the city official had been able to identify her with just one look.
Just as the city official was about to escort Gu Ruoyun to meet Dongfang Shaoze, the sound of horse's hooves interrupted them, followed by someone calling for the horse to stop.

The group saw a woman general, clad in armor, tightly pulling on the reins. She wore bright red armor and looked absolutely majestic with upwards-slanting eyebrows. She frowned as she swept her imposing gaze towards the city official who had just been about to turn and leave. She spoke sharply, "Zhang Li, you have not investigated their identities or conducted a search on their persons."
The city official, whom she had addressed as Zhang Li, stared blankly for a bit before replying pragmatically, "Reporting to General Dongfang, this lady is someone that the Young Master wants to meet. This was why this subordinate would be so bold as to allow them entrance into Dongfang City without a search."
"Hmph, Zhang Li, you're far too bold! With the conditions surrounding the Dongfang Family, you've actually allowed entrance so carelessly! And in the name of the Young Master! I am the General of Dongfang City. Since the Young Master had issued such an order, why have I not heard of it? Furthermore, under the grim circumstances of the Dongfang Family, even the Young Master cannot use bribery or fraud! Men, search them!"