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388 Departure, To The Dongfang Family Home 10

"Don't worry, leave it to me."
Luo Yin nodded as she smiled and held out her hand towards Luo Li, "I'm Luo Yin, we have the same surname. Fate has brought us together. If you were to encounter any issues in the Devil Sect, you can look for me."
Looking at Luo Yin's friendly smile, Luo Li's heart softened. She grasped the former's hand and smiled gently.
"Thank you."
"No need to thank me," Luo Li waved her hand, "I'm doing all of this for Gu Ruoyun. If you really want to thank me, you'll use every ounce of your power to help her."
Luo Li trembled slightly and stared in astonishment at Luo Yin. She could not understand it. Why were so many people willing to serve her? Perhaps she will understand where her charisma lies in the future...
When that day comes, perhaps she too, will be like the rest — willing to do anything for her sake.
"Gu Ruoyun, how long will you be in the Devil Sect?"
Luo Yin raised her head towards Gu Ruoyun and asked.
Gu Ruoyun shook her head, "Xiao Ye and I need to make our way to the Dongfang Family home. We will be leaving immediately. Luo Yin, I'll leave Luo Li to you."
"Don't worry. When you return, I'll show you a completely different side of her."
Luo Yin's smile was full of confidence. She was certain that with the many advantageous qualities of the Devil Sect, Luo Li will grow just as fast as she had.
"Then we'll be leaving now."
Gu Ruoyun said nothing more and turned to approach the silver-haired man in the blood-red robes. He had been waiting for her at the doorway of the courtyard. Her fresh and beautiful face formed into a smile, "Xiao Ye, let's go."
Qianbei Ye nodded and followed Gu Ruoyun out of the courtyard...
Behind her, everyone in the Devil Sect burst into a fervent discussion as they watched the two leave. In the end, it was the youth who had previously tried to hit on Luo Yin who gathered his courage and confronted her, "Lady Luo, who was that lady? I've never seen her before, how did she get into the Devil Sect?"
Luo Yin rolled her eyes and looked at him with disdain.
"If you've had the opportunity to meet her, then you could be considered as a protector."
Once she had finished speaking, Luo Yin no longer cared about the rest. She pulled Luo Li towards the direction of the rear halls, leaving a group of bewildered people behind.
"What did Luo Yin mean by that? She just said that only the protectors have the right to see that lady? Could it be that her position was much higher than the protectors? Could it be that she's a master of a hall?"
Everyone immediately felt regret at the thought of this. They regretted not going up to the girl and hitting on her. After all, the lady was not only young and beautiful, but the position she held in the Devil Sect was pretty high. Wouldn't it be great to sail on that boat?
However, if Luo Yin had told them that Gu Ruoyun was the Sect Master of the Devil Sect, it was possible that many would have called her bluff. No one could have imagined that the mysterious Sect Master of the Devil Sect was actually a young girl just over the age of ten.

Furthermore, she'd actually appeared before their eyes...
Outside the mountain peak, the clouds and mist were sparse. Gu Ruoyun stood between a layer of clouds as her green robes fluttered in the wind. Her eyes held a calm demeanor.
"The matters in the Xia Family have been settled and Luo Li now has her purpose. I wonder where Yu'er could be."
However, she still strongly believed that the delicate, pretty, and shy young boy was still alive. As long as she continued moving forward, someday, they will meet again...
"Xiao Ye, let us continue our journey. I really don't know what has happened in the Dongfang Family that my uncle would resort to calling upon my aid."
To be honest, she did not have a good impression of the Dongfang Family.
But she still liked her uncle, who has come to her aid many times, very much! So for his sake, this time she would make a trip to the Dongfang Family home.