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245 The Xia Family Arrives 5

Pang Ran and the Fifth Prince’s faces turned ugly. It’s true, the Xia family had complete control over the succession of the Imperial Throne, but the Imperial Family certainly were not the Xia family’s dogs! Aside from the line of succession of the Imperial Throne, other matters were determined by the Imperial Family themselves. The Xia family has never interfered. Yet this guy has humiliated them to such a degree!

However, compared to Pang Ran’s temper, the Fifth Prince was far more stable. His eyes looked solemnly at Xia Yu, not saying a word.

Over the years, he has learned to conceal his emotions, otherwise, he probably would have been assassinated a few times already…

Noticing Pang Ran’s urge to step forward in anger, Gu Ruoyan raised her hand, blocking his way. Her clear, beautiful eyes fell on Xia Yu’s face, smiling softly, "It would seem that even the Head of the Xia family has never made the Imperial Family of Black Tortoise country his watch dogs, could it be that you have greater rights that the Head of the Xia family himself? Or have you always been yearning for the position as the Head of the Xia family? Do you plan on going beyond the sacrificial altar and taking over their kitchen?"

Her smile was light and clear, her eyes like sharp rays of light stared straight at Xia Yu.

Now it was Xia Yu’s face that had turned an ugly shade. He was merely distant relative and did not have a prominent position in the family. However, the young girl’s words had undoubtedly pushed him to where the wind and waves are the fiercest. If Master Xia heard this, he would never let him hear the end of it! Evidently, he had underestimated this clever and eloquent woman.


Xia Yu showed his disagreement, curled his lips coldly and shot a glance towards Gu Ruoyun’s calm face, "You’re the girl who’s impersonating as the owner of the Hundred Herb Hall? You’re already powerless to defend yourself, and yet you're still involving yourself in this matter? You’re truly reckless!"

At that very moment, Pang Ran’s clenched fist began to shake, his heart was desperately worried over Pang Zihuang—they’ve been standing here very far too long. He did not know if his Imperial Father could hold on any longer.

"Let’s go."

As if reading Pang Ran’s thoughts, Gu Ruoyun’s eyes swept briefly over Xia Yu’s arrogant face, coldly turned her gaze away, and icily gave the order, "Baobao, if anyone dares to stand in my way, kill without mercy!"

Kill without mercy­­–

The three words spoken sounded like thunder, exploding beneath the skies, making Lin Yue’s face, which was originally filled with hope, fall like dead ash.

He had initially thought that this imposter would have been afraid of the Xia family; instead, she didn’t even bother with giving face to them.

This is it. We’re truly finished… He thought hopelessly. No! I don’t want to die! Especially not in this uncomfortable place!

"Fifth Prince, Lord General, both of you and this woman will die a horrible death! Haha, I’ve already seen your destinies! If you kill me now, your days in the future will be filled with immeasurable suffering!"

"And you, the soldiers and officials of Black Tortoise country, my heavenly eyes have seen it, it was the Sixth Prince and this woman who conspired to poison His Imperial Majesty! Are you really siding with the enemy? How could my words possibly be lies? If you are truly loyal to His Imperial Majesty, you will join me and kill this wicked woman and avenge His Imperial Majesty!"

"Since I can read fortunes, I know what happens next, and soon the Hundred Herb Hall and the powers of the Xia family will arrive! If you help me defeat this woman, I will ask them to take pity on you, and request for you to receive a string of pills from the Hundred Herb Hall! Do not be afraid of their words! This woman may have a Martial King level spiritual beast, but the most powerful men of the Xia family are arriving soon, you only need to hold on for a little longer, and then you will receive endless glory and riches!"