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187 Zuo Shangchen“s Fury 7

Shopkeeper Zhao shook his head in defeat. Only their Master would dare to treat the Fourth Prince of Vermillion Bird Country in such a way. Poor guy, even though it wasn’t his fault this time, he was still connected with the Dark Yin Palace and there was no way for him to get out of this situation…

At the guest house, a man in peach blossom pink robes slouched lazily in the chair. He looked at the fine liquor before him and could not stop himself from smirking a mischievous smile.

"So many delicious things to eat… if only Xiao Yun could join me for a little while. Unfortunately, I don’t think she’ll talk to me until I found out who was trying to kill her…"


The door was suddenly pushed open and the man immediately frowned as a murderous intent rose from his body. His almond-shaped eyes narrowed and when he saw the seductive woman at the door, his smile returned with full force.

The Ghost Doctor is here? Is Gu Ruoyun behind her?

When he thought about this possibility, he quickly scanned the space behind Wei Yiyi but he did not see that familiar figure.

"You don’t need to look, my Master isn’t here." Wei Yiyi rolled her eyes, "Even though she didn’t come, I’m here to let you know that your people from the Dark Yin Palace had provoked her first so don’t blame her for not going easy on you despite your friendship!"

Zuo Shangchen frowned and asked, "What happened?"

Xiao Yun has agreed to give him some time to investigate the matter so something must have happened!

Wei Yiyi laughed coldly as she said, "The Elder from the Dark Yin Palace has brought the fight to my Master’s house and seriously injured someone close to her. That person’s bones and meridians were broken and damaged and they are close to death. Your Elder even kidnapped Bai Chuan!"


The fan in Zuo Shangchen’s hand fell into the liquor in front of him. His soft, peach-like face was one of panic, filled with anxiety and anger.

"Who’s the b*stard behind this? They clearly want to frame me and cause a misunderstanding with Xiao Yun’er! When I find out who did this, I will burn them until only ashes remain!"

Zuo Shangchen was completely shaken.

Xiao Yun’er was angry at him... What should he do now? All of this was because of that b*stard! If that b*stard does not die, how can he be happy?

"Ghost Doctor, take me to Xiao Yun’er, I want to clarify some things with her. This has got nothing to do with me, I don’t know anything about this. I had instructed Qingyi to return to the Dark Yin Palace and find out the person who had accepted the assassination mission but I did not know that this would happen! I’m innocent!"

Zuo Shangchen’s face was filled with injustice. He had always done things the way he wanted but never did he ever think that he would let go of all his principles because of this pair of siblings…

"You should discuss this with my Master. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, my Master is really angry right now so you should be prepared," Wei Yiyi laughed coldly.

When he heard this, Zhuo Shangchen became even more anxious, "Take me to Xiao Yun’er now or else the repercussions would be unimaginable!"

On the bustling streets, Gu Ruoyun walked speedily towards the Ling household. Throughout her journey, the trail of fresh blood seemed to be permanently imprinted in her mind’s eye and into her heart…

Seeing the streaks of blood on the ground, she had no idea how Moyu had been able to make her way back to the Hundred Herb Hall. What kind of tenacity would she need in order to crawl there bit by bit? At that time, what kind of agony had she suffered?

Gu Ruoyun’s heart was hurting! In her heart, her subordinates were pawns who could be easily sacrificed. This was the partnership that formed the foundation for the entire Devil Sect! But today, her comrade had been injured not too far away from her.

And she, she had not even noticed it…

"I don’t care how powerful you are. I will force anyone who had laid a finger on her to experience the pain a hundred and a thousand times over!"

At that moment, a murderous intent rose from Gu Ruoyun and she walked faster, heading to the Ling household like the wind...