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155 The Mysterious Masked Man 6


Gu Ruoyun punched the tree next to her as she smirked coldly, "Young Master Dongfang had told me that the Gu family was definitely involved in this! Once I find out who had plotted against them, I swear upon my soul that I’ll vanquish them to Kingdom Come with no chance for reincarnation!"

Wei Yiyi hesitated, "Master, shall we capture Second Master Gu for interrogation?"

"There’s no need for that." Gu Ruoyun’s throat felt dry and she answered with a hoarse voice, "Do you think that that fellow has the capability to go against my parents? Surely there’s someone who has been helping him! I don’t want to arouse any suspicion before finding out that person’s identity. This was also the reason why I’ve only been causing trouble for the Gu family instead of directly attacking them."

Gu Ruoyun would never do something if she wasn’t absolutely certain of the outcome.

Once she attacks, she would grab them by the throat.

She would not endanger herself no matter what!

"Who’s there?"

Suddenly, Gu Ruoyun narrowed her eyes and gazed intensely at an ancient tree behind her, "There’s no need to hide your breath anymore, come out! I’ve already detected your presence."

Wei Yiyi was stunned momentarily before her eyes followed the young lady’s gaze.

A person slowly walked out from behind the ancient tree.

It was a man and he wore a mask. Beneath the black mask was a pair of ice-cold pupils like a panther’s eyes in the night that traps its prey. However, a fleeting burst of warmth appeared in that cold glare for a quick moment as he looked at the young girl in green.

Gu Ruoyun’s brows were knotted in a frown. She can’t put her finger on it but this man’s gaze was somehow very familiar. However, she just can’t recall where she had known him from.

"Who are you? Have we met before?"

The man opened his mouth and it was as though there was a mountain of words that he wanted to say to her. In the end, he swallowed all those words and instead only said one word in a cold and hoarse voice.


Gu Ruoyun laughed coldly, "If we’ve never met, then why are you following me?"

The moment she threw those words at him, she saw the man in black turn to stare at her coldly. His gaze was filled with murderous intent.

"Master, be careful!"

Seeing the man appear in front of Gu Ruoyun, Wei Yiyi’s face changed and she immediately threw herself towards them. Her seductively charming face was filled with rage. Who was this man? Why does he want to hurt her Master?

However, when the man reached Gu Ruoyun, he pulled her into his embrace before swiftly raising his other arm in defense. In an instant, Wei Yiyi heard a noise and a figure fell from the sky.

The person’s face was full of fear as he stared in shock at the man who was holding Gu Ruoyun in his embrace.

H-how had he discovered him?

Wei Yiyi’s heart calmed down at the scene. It seems that this man was not here to kill Gu Ruoyun. His real target had been that assassin who was hidden in the night sky...

"Speak! Who are you? Who sent you?" The man throbbed with a murderous vibe as he stared coldly at the killer.

"There’s no need to question him," Gu Ruoyun said as she waved her arms, "He’s from the Gentle Breeze Faction and was probably sent by Gu Xianglin. He has been following me since I left the Gu household. My previous conversation with Wei Yiyi was intentionally for him to eavesdrop on and to see when he would make a move on me."

The assassin’s body started to tremble uncontrollably as if a tub of icy-cold water had been dumped onto him.

She knows… she knows everything! She had known from the moment he had started following her. This meant that from the start, she never planned to let him off alive...

Just how scary was this woman?

The fact that the Hidden Breath Technique that he was practicing had been seen through by this masked man was understandable as the masked man was powerful. But how had she detected his breathing?

This time, what kind of an enemy had the Young Master offended?

"You... who are you?" He looked at Gu Ruoyun and asked with a stutter.