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121 An Auction That Shocked Four Countries 6

Second Master Gu had thought that he was cruel but who knew that this old man could be even more heartless than he was. General Gu would even go so far to bury some stranger’s remains in the ancestral tomb just so he could pass it off as his son’s remains.

Yet, at this point, it was the only thing they could do…

"Okay, father, I will order a trusted aide to start the search,I will definitely find two suitable sets of human remains before the auction."

During this period of time, troops led by Martial Generals began to appear on the streets of the Azure Dragon Country from time to time. Even the rare Martial King-level cultivators were seen more frequently. One must know that, typically, in Azure Dragon Country, there were only a few Martial Generals around most of the time.

Everyone’s destination was obviously none other than the Hundred Herb Hall.

Because of this, Azure Dragon Country’s Emperor became dispirited. He even called back those he had sent out to find the assassin who had harmed the Crown Prince. He was afraid that they might accidentally offend a Martial King, which was a cultivator that He could not afford to offend. Any one of them could easily destroy the empire that he had built.

At this moment, Gu Panpan stood beside a young man at the auction venue’s door as her huge, limpid eyes looked curiously at the crowd. Her palm-sized face was filled with yearning and reverence.

Logically, someone of her status would not be qualified to join the auction but she was lucky to have a close acquaintance with the Qin Order’s Young Master, Qin Luo. Therefore, she had been presented with an opportunity to get some exposure and broaden her horizon.

However, at this moment, a voice sounded from the side and slowly reached her ears…

"Who knew that the Hundred Herb Hall would be so lavishly decorated? By the way, Gu Ruoyun, is it really okay if you don’t help out? Won’t Elder Yu get angry at you?"

Gu Ruoyun?

Gu Panpan was momentarily taken aback. She turned around and in that instant, that face which made her grit her teeth with hatred appeared before her eyes.

Why was this woman here? She should be inside the auction venue helping out, this was what a lowly part-time worker should be doing.

Gu Panpan saw the girl whisper something into Gu Ruoyun’s ear but her smile remained calm throughout the conversation. Gu Ruoyun was wearing a light green dress embroidered with green leaves. It was fresh and outstanding, as if she was not part of the throng of people around her.

When she saw the girl’s delicate face, Gu Panpan tightened her first. She couldn’t understand it; she had only seen Gu Ruoyun a few days ago. How had Gu Ruoyun changed so much? The aura she now has made one very envious of her!

"Panpan, do you know her?" Qin Luo followed Gu Panpan’s gaze and looked at the smiling girl. His eyes glittered.

Even though this woman does not have any outstanding facial features, one cannot deny that she has one of the most outstanding aura of all the women he had met. While one’s beauty may age, only aura can only increase with time...

Gu Panpan obviously realised the meaning of the look in Qin Luo’s eyes. She held onto the hem of his sleeves tightly and said, "She’s my uncle’s daughter. Unfortunately, she’s too rebellious and doesn’t know how to respect her elders. She has announced that she wanted to leave our family and join the Hundred Herb Hall as a lowly part-time worker."

Gu Panpan intentionally emphasized the words ‘part-time worker’.

"A part-time worker?" Qin Luo was slightly disappointed.

Just a small part-time worker, in the end, it was no different than being a servant. They all belonged to the lowest rank in society. Thus that feeling he had earlier quickly faded away.


Luo Yin noticed Gu Panpan and she said with a shocked voice, "Gu Panpan, you lowly witch, how are you still alive? Could it be that you were just pretending to faint that day since you are here now?"