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1534 One Lie After Another 5

The air was still and quiet. After entering the winter season, the sound of insects outside had subsided, as though they had gone into hibernation.

Yin Shaojie's fingers moved slightly and tapped into the call records.

The latest entry was indeed Han Qiqing's name.


Yin Shaojie's deep gaze fell onto the time of the call. It did not match the time when Xiaoxiao had run out of the shower.

She had lied to him…

If the call earlier had been from Qiqing, she would not have needed to delete the call log.

She had deleted it because she was afraid that he would see it, right? But why was she afraid?

It was evident that she did not want him to know who had called her.

Yin Shaojie's gaze was as dark as an abyss. All the stars in his eyes seemed to have fallen, leaving a thick, heavy darkness.

The air seemed to thin suddenly, making him feel as if he were suffocating.

Just then there was a sound from within the room, caused by Xiaoxiao turning in her sleep.

Yin Shaojie walked over instinctively. He could see her clearly in the dark and even if he could not see her expression, he seemed to be able to tell that she was having a fitful sleep.

He did not know how it happened but her every move and every laugh had been carved into his heart.

What about her?

He went back to the home screen and checked the other apps.

There was nothing suspicious in WeChat.

Pressing into the messages, Yin Shaojie's gaze paused and landed on the second message.

The name had been saved as "Jun".

The contents were brief in the chat.

—You can tell him my identity if you are out on the spot.

Yin Shaojie's dark eyes narrowed slightly, a storm seemingly brewing in the depths of his eyes.


It was now really late at night.

Just then, in the capital.

Jun Zeye walked out from the confines of the interrogation room with a silent Ning Ruyan on his tail.

After moving out of the secured area, Ning Ruyan finally burst out angrily, "That motherf*cker! KO's mouth is really tight. He's already in our hands, yet he refuses to say anything!"

The people KO interacted with were big shots in the underground world and he was especially well acquainted with drug traffickers.

Jun Zeye seemed absentminded as he looked up at the moon hanging high in the sky.

The air in the capital was usually bad.

However, today was a rare exception and the moonlight was clear and bright.

Ning Ruyan said vexedly, "If nothing else can be forced out of him, we'll have to resort to using a truth serum!"

It was only upon hearing this that Jun Zeye frowned and looked at him. "That's illegal."

Even if they wanted to extort a confession, they could not use a truth serum that flippantly.

Ning Ruyan knew that, of course. However, he was not someone who liked to stick to the rules. To him, it was totally acceptable to use unconventional methods so long as they could destroy drug traffickers.

"You know what KO is like. We've already exhausted all torture methods but that has no effect on him at all. What do we do now? Are we going to give up just like that?"

It was solely because they could get a lot of information from KO that Ning Ruyan was unwilling to give up.

Ning Ruyan's anger rose as he thought about it and he kicked the rubbish bin beside him violently.

Luckily, the bin was sturdy and was not destroyed.

"I know," Jun Zeye answered mildly as he looked at Ning Ruyan.