End of the Magic Era
1085 The Truth
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End of the Magic Era
Author :Zhuang Bifan
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1085 The Truth

Dedale wanted the truth, he didn't want them to use a scapegoat, he wanted to know what really happened.

After looking around, an alchemist couldn't help saying, "Sir Dedale, what happened this time might really have been caused by our understanding and research of the Beast God's Blood being lacking.

"The alchemical device was built upon the research of the Beast God's Blood and we carefully checked every part multiple times. Each component had been made under the supervision of at least three people, we can't have made a mistake there...

"There were no problem with Sir Sizhang's alchemy skills…"

As soon as this alchemist started explaining, the other mages all shirked the responsibility onto the two dead alchemists.

Dedale had a dark expression as he ferociously slammed on the table.

"Idiots! Just now, Dylas said that something went wrong with the alchemical device and that the transformation ultimately failed because of Mafa Merlin's tempering, I asked you if that is true or not!"

Cold sweat dripped down Sizhang's forehead. He understood that Dedale really wanted an answer for that and wasn't trying to shirk the blame.

"Sir Dedale, I personally led people to craft this alchemical device, it's hardly possible for someone else to temper with it!

"Especially under such circumstances, we were all around the alchemical device. No one got close to it when it was set up and until the accident.

"It's impossible for Mafa Merlin to have tempered with the alchemical device. If someone wanted to temper with it, we would have immediately discovered it. Mafa Merlin might be said to be an Artisan, but he wouldn't have been able to do anything unbeknownst to us from such a distance even if he was a Saint Alchemist...

Dedale sullenly remained silent after Sizhang finished speaking and calmly pondered.

'At that time, Mafa Merlin was standing in the back, he was the furthest away from the alchemical device and there were mages from other forces between him and the device.

'He really couldn't have been tempering with the device without anyone noticing.'

Just now, Dylas instigated Dedale to look for Lin Yun, but Dedale really thought it was unlikely that he was guilty.

"Dylas said that Mafa Merlin warned him before the disaster happened and told him to stand further away. Did he figure out something? What do you think?"

Dedale didn't have high achievements in the field of alchemy, he understood bits and pieces at best and would throw these problems to his subordinates. 

The group of alchemists remained silent, and Sizhang didn't dare to speak.

Dedale's expression darkened and he slammed the table once again and roared at the group of mages.

"A group of fools! I only want to know the truth, yet you fools are cowering! Is that the attitude of mages from our Burning Tower?

"When did our Burning Tower get a bunch of gutless idiots like you?"

Sizhang hesitated, before explaining what he thought happened.

"Sir Dedale, we did some research, inspected the ruins of the battlefield, as well as the remains of the alchemy device and came to one conclusion: there was a problem in the research of the Beast God's Blood.

"Maybe the research's direction was wrong, maybe something was neglected in the most crucial area and led to this disaster.

"If what Dylas said is true, then, Mafa Merlin might have discovered the issue from the start. He didn't do anything, but he knew something would go wrong.

"That would explain why he stood in the back and even said something right before it happened.

"He already knew the fusion's transformation process would go wrong and also knew when it would happen…"

Dedale frowned and had a terrible expression.

"So you are saying that Mafa Merlin's research of the Beast God's Blood has already surpassed ours?"

Sizhang could barely smile, he was really unwilling to admit it.

"You are right, Sir Dedale, this is the only possibility. Didn't we hear that Morgan Henry of the Henry Family completed the Extraordinary transformation and advanced to the Heaven Rank before?

"Dylas always said that it was because Mafa Merlin had been lucky enough to successfully compound a potion bottle, and we thought the same.

"Although everyone knows that the higher grade alchemy potions have lower chances of being compounded successfully, he still ended up succeeding...

"This shows that Mafa Merlin already knows the path to take and it's only the details that aren't perfected...

"And thus, his research of the Beast God's Blood definitely surpasses ours…"

Sizhang's words were vague, but all the alchemists present understood.

Grasping the path to take was akin to grasping the most crucial theory, it was also the foundation of alchemy.

Sizhang had a gloomy expression as he said those words, it was like slapping himself.

'Damn, it's all because of that Dylas continuously belittling Mafa Merlin that we didn't care even though we knew he successfully compounded one bottle.

'Being able to make one potion, even if blessed by luck, shows that the other side's understanding of Beast God's Blood far surpasses ours.

'I said that before, but unfortunately, those two idiots that got themselves killed always thought that since Mafa Merlin could research it, we would naturally be able to research it in an even better fashion.

'The original idea was pretty good, as long as the alchemical device was successfully crafted, then every drop of Beast God's Blood would make Peak 9th Rank Archmages complete the Extraordinary transformation.

'We didn't consider the possibility that it could fail...

'Unfortunately, it did. Moreover, Mafa Merlin barely arrived and looked at the surface of the alchemy device to know that we would fail. It definitely wasn't because he knew this alchemy device.

'Rather, his research of Beast God's Blood has already reached a very deep stage, to the point where he knew that this kind of alchemy device couldn't let a mage complete the Extraordinary transformation, and he could even know the rough time of the accident.

'His research of Beast God's Blood didn't just surpass ours, it far surpasses ours. The depths of his research isn't something that could be done in this era...

Dedale sullenly remained silent. What happened this time was a huge blow.

Whether it was towards him or towards the Burning Tower, it was the same.

After a while, Dedale gloomily said, "Sir Sizhang, Mafa Merlin's research of the Beast God's Blood already far surpassed our own, is it to the point where he already developed a technique?"

Sizhang wanted to say something for the sake of his reputation, but after saying Dedale's dark expression, he immediately swallowed these words back and helplessly nodded.

"Sir Dylas, from the information at our disposition, I believe it is like that. Sir Merlin grasped an alchemy technique but it is definitely unrefined. He is an Artisan from a backside area like the Andlusa Kingdom, how could he develop an alchemy technique so quickly?

"I once went to the Andlusa Kingdom and that place's alchemy foundation is very poor, it simply cannot compare to our Odin Kingdom, let alone an ancient mage force like our Burning Tower.

"But his research's theory towards the Beast God's Blood absolutely surpass ours. As long as the technique is polished, he could definitely use the Beast God's Blood to create a large number of Heaven Rank powerhouses!"

Dedale's eyes shone and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

'That's right, Mafa Merlin is an alchemy genius. No genius in the Odin Kingdom can compare to him in that regard. He isn't even 30 yet!

'An Artisan in their thirties is something that the major forces wouldn't see in centuries. His research of the Beast God's Blood definitely surpassed ours. 

'But in the end, the methods of a mage of a backwater place like the Andlusa Kingdom can't compare to our Burning Tower.

'He might have figured out the theory, but he doesn't have a good method to turn that theory into a complete technique. The refining of a technique isn't something just one or two alchemists could do.

'It is something that can only be done over countless years by countless alchemists. Our Burning Tower has been standing strong in the Odin Kingdom for over ten millennia. 

'We aren't lacking when it comes to refining techniques, all our refining techniques are the best baits to recruit alchemists.

'As long as we obtain the fruits of Mafa Merlin's research on the Beast God's Blood, we would definitely be able to turn his theory into a refined technique.

'When the time comes, we would only need Beast God's Blood to create a steady flow of Heaven Rank powerhouses. Even if the Heaven Rank powerhouses only advance to the 1st rank, it would be more than enough.

'As long as we have enough Heaven Rank powerhouses, our Burning Tower's entire strength would steeply rise and we would become the Odin Kingdom's strongest force.

'That monster had just completed the Extraordinary transformation and its Extraordinary Power was suppressed by the Raging Flame Battlefield to the point where it could only use it for simple defense, yet its power was comparable to me at my full strength.

'I might not be that monster's opponent if it had intelligence, I would be unable to stop it if it wanted to massacre other mages and no one would have been able to defeat it. 

'If a mage successfully completed the Extraordinary transformation, their strength after the breakthrough would definitely be higher than the monster. After all, the strength of a mage is based on their intelligence.

'Who could be the opponent of the Burning Tower if I cooperate with Mafa Merlin and get a hold of that method?'

The illusion of that future excited Dedale. After all, the Heaven Rank was something he was also yearning for.

He could borrow the power of a Magic Tool to display the strength of a 1st Rank Heaven Mage, but that was only in terms of fighting power. Without advancing to the Heaven Rank, his fighting power would remain at a standstill.

But he could continue progressing at the Heaven Rank, even if he held an unsuitable True Spirit Magic Tool.

Advancing to the 2nd Rank of the Heaven realm from the 1st Rank was a lot easier than advancing from the 9th Rank of the Archmage realm to the 1st Rank of the Heaven realm.


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