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Chapter 1092 – Big Harvest Part 5

When the rest saw that they didn’t appear after three months, they thought they have already used an alternative route in leaving the God Mountain. Thus, they descended the God Mountain, one after the other…

“Flame Phoenix, where are the two of you?”

Mu Ru Yue contacted Flame Phoenix through her soul the moment she left the mountain cave.

A long period of silence greeted her before Flame Phoenix’s alluring voice was heard, “Master, I also don’t know where we are. I’ve seemed to have fallen into a deep pit of a sea of flames. This place can help in my cultivation so I temporarily won’t be leaving it. Master, please head to the God Academy first. I will seek for you later.”


Mu Ru Yue smiled as she said, “Let’s reunite at the God Academy.”

Mu Ru Yue cut off their connection upon saying that. With a raised brow, she looked at Ye Wu Chen and said, “We need to find out more about this continent or matters regarding the Alchemy Book and Wu Wang. The God Academy is undeniably the best place for investigating pieces of information.”

“You can make the decision.”

Ye Wu Chen’s gentle gaze landed on the woman’s impeccable face. With a charming smile on his face, he seemed as though within the entire world, he could only be able to accept only this woman in his eyes…

If one wanted to head to the God Academy, they must go through the God realm’s most chaotic ground. There was a mix of dragons and fish in this place. It was rare for people to be travelling on their own.

Currently, in the chaotic ground, there was a trio group that was made up of Loli, elder sister, and youth, resting by the side of the road.

“Yi Lian (lotus), how long more until we reach the God Academy?”

The golden-haired loli pursed her tender lips. sparkling and translucent sweat rolled down her doll-like adorable face. She had large deep blue glittering bright eyes with her eyelashes fluttering like a cattail-leaf fan. From the side view of her face, her face was so porcelain-like to the point it seemed that it would shatter easily…

A woman with an elder sister character known as Yi Lian raised her brow as she leaned against a tree with her arms crossed resting on her chest. Her red armour made her stunning chest more alluring. Her snow-white long eggs swayed before the crowd.

When the golden-haired loli saw Yi Lian’s magnificent body figure, she looked down at her flat chest and sighed instantly.

‘When will I be able to have such a perfect body figure like Yi Lian?’

“We should probably be there. Li Sha (jasmine katydid), you have secretly come to apply to the God Academy with us. Are you sure there won’t be any problem?”

Yi Lian smirked and with a fake smile, she said, “Your family’s stubborn old man won’t want you to enter the God Academy.”

“Since I’m already here, it’s useless saying such things now.” Li Sha cheekily stuck out her tongue as she continued, “But the distance to the God Academy is really long. My legs are almost going to break from walking. Yi Lian and Gu Chen (corn dawn), let’s compete to see who will get famous in the God Academy first.”

The youth known as Gu Chen shifted his head to look at the golden-haired loli’s adorable face upon hearing that. But gentleness was expressed from his grave and stern face.

“I don’t compete with girls!”

Her little loli’s face instantly became gloomy.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Just when she wanted to say something, several figures leaped out from the underbrush.

“Who are all of you?” Yi Lian’s expression changed as she hastily pulled Li Sha behind her. She looked warily at the crowd before her.

Gu Chen frowned slightly as he slightly tightened his grip on the sword in his hand, emitting a glacial aura…


There was a bulky and crude man at the forefront of the crowd. He had a horizontal scar on his face, looking extremely sinister.

“If I’m not wrong, these people are disciples rushing to the God Academy. Tsk! Tsk! I don’t know if these people are too gutsy or not but you three God-general Ranked martial practitioners are seeking death in barging into the chaotic ground by yourselves!”

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