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Chapter 892 –Meeting Bei Jun Again Part 1

Chapter 892 –Meeting Bei Jun Again Part 1

The City of Su was located West of the Eastern Island. It was flourishing and prosperous with people living peacefully.

The families that held the most power within the City of Su was the Su family and the Jin family. It was rumoured that the eldest young mistress of the Su family originally had an engagement with the Jin family but due to the eldest young mistress being called a harbinger of disaster, their engagement fell through. Hence, the engagement landed on the second young mistress of the Su family.

However, it was unknown what happened but Su Ning’s temper had became increasingly arrogant and haughty after she returned from the City of Chaos. She would even hook on to Jin Kai daily.

It made Jin Kai extremely annoyed by her!

Currently, there were three people at the entrance of the City of Su, subconsciously drawing people’s attention.

The one that was walking in front of the group was a poised and elegant girl that carried a scholarly grandeur with her. She had a light smile on her beautiful face which looked exceptionally soothing.

However, what attracted people’s attention more was the two big and small figures behind her.

It could be seen that one of them was a man in silver robes. He had his fingers interlocked at the back of his head. A languish smile graced his handsome face. His face was so perfect that nobody would be able to point out a flaw.

There was also a five to six-year-old little boy by his side.

The little boy with a jade carved-like face looked tremendously adorable. His innocent and bright eyes glimmered with a dazzling ray of light. His adorable face would make anyone that see his face to have an impulse to rub it a little.

“We’re here.” Su Ning turned around and looked at the two that were behind her and continued, “This is the City of Su. Let’s part our ways here.”

She turned around and left upon saying that.

A glint flashed past Ye Si Huang’s eyes. But just when he was about to call out to Shu Ning, his arm was held by Zi Qian Jing as he said, “Little Huang Er, let’s go.”

Ye Si Huang was stunned for a moment, but he didn’t say anything and let Zi Qian Jing pull him away.

Shu Ning sighed as she looked at their departing figures. She then raised her head to look at the blue sky. “I, Shu Ning, has finally returned to the Su family after about a dozen years have passed…”

‘But I wonder how many people will still be able to remember me…’

Shu Ning smirked as a derisive smile gradually grew…

“Why did you pull me away?” Ye Si Huang frowned slightly with displease painted all over his jade carved-like face.

Zi Qian Jing raised his brow as he explained, “She didn’t want us to stay with her. Little Si Huang, let’s start looking for Xiao Yue and Xiao Bai from this place.”

Ye Si Huang became silent. It was unknown to him why he constantly have a feeling that something bad had occurred to Xiao Yue and Xiao Bai…

Shu Ning stopped walking after she reached the entrance of the Su famiy’s manor. She raised her head to look at the door of the manor that was identical to the one in her memory and lamented slightly.

“Who are you? How dare you barge into our Su family?!”

Shu Ning smiled elegantly as she said, “You are to report to Su Zhen (revive shake) and tell him that Shu Ning has returned…”

‘That’s right, I’m back!

‘This time, I will not only be investigating the reason of Mother’s death, I, but I will also be avenging her death…’

Not long after that person went into the manor to report to Su Zhen, a middle-aged man quickly led a crowd over. Su Ning stood out from those people.


An intense rage coursed through her body when she glanced at the girl that was standing outside at the entrance of the Su family’s manor.

“Shu Ning, you actually dared to come to our Su family! You are literally seeking death. Father, she was the one that tried to seduce elder brother’s Jin Kai attention away from me and she even tried to hurt me!”

Su Ning glared venomously at Shu Ning.

Her malicious eyes seemed to be wanting to bore some holes through Shu Ning’s body.

Shu Ning didn’t say anything and just shifted her gaze to the middle-aged man…