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Chapter 891 –Brother’s Conflict Part 6

Chapter 891 –Brother’s Conflict Part 6

There was a girl that was sitting on a tree within a forest. She had a book on her lap while she used her long and slender fingers to flip the page of the book gently. She had an elegant grandeur. Even if she didn’t have a devastating beautiful appearance, her looks were pleasant to the eyes.

When the girl felt a breeze, she became startled and asked coldly, “Who?!”


Tree leaves rustled. Following that, two figures leaped out from the tree.

One of those two figures was big and the other was small.

One of them was a man in silver robes that looked exceptionally handsome with a slight sinister aura emitted from his languish eyes. His silver robes that were incredibly dazzling under the sunset shone past Shu Ning’s eyes.

By his side, there was a little boy that had a jade carved-like face.

The little boy looked so innocent and adorable. He had a similar appearance to the man in silver robes. His large and innocent eyes blinked gently with a candid smile as bright as sunlight on his adorable, small face.

“Big sis, my elder brother and I are lost. Do you mind leading us out of this forest?”

Zi Qian Jing couldn’t help but think back to Ye Si Huang’s overbearing grandeur as he took over the Devil Sect when he looked at the little boy’s current innocent and pure appearance, the corner of his mouth twitch a little.

Shu Ning was stunned for a moment. With a slight frown, she agreed, “Alright, follow me. I shall take the responsibility in leading the two of you out of the forest.”

“Thank you so much, big sis.” Ye Si Huang smiled adorably as he asked, “Big sis, do you have a husband already?”

“Little Huang Er!”

Zi Qian Jin creased his brows tightly.

‘It can’t be that this little fellow had fallen in love with this girl, right?”

“No, I don’t.” Shu Ning’s gaze dimmed slightly and shook her head.

“That’s great, can you accept my elder brother so as to stop him from constantly hogging my Mother?” Ye Si Huang’s eyes lit up.

‘If I can send this fellow away, won’t it mean that mother will all be mine then?

‘Moreover, this girl known as Shu Ning is acquainted with Mother. She shouldn’t be a bad person since they have a rather close relationship…’

“Little Huang Er?!”

Zi Qian Jing narrowed his eyes dangerously. With a languish smirk, he said, “It seems that I’ve been too lenient to you that you start caring about my matters…”

Shu Ning chuckled and rejected, “Little fella, are you recommending your elder brother? It’s a pity that I’m not interested in a person that I don’t understand in the slightest. Let’s go! I shall lead the two of you out of this forest.”

Zi Qian Jing, however, sized Shu Ning up upon hearing what she said.

‘I’ve investigated everything that Mother did when she came to the Eastern Island after meeting up with her. Hence, I naturally know about how Shu Ning and Mother met each other…

‘This girl isn’t really pretty, but she has an elegant scholarly grandeur. That grandeur would make people subconsciously calm down. It was as though everyone will feel at ease just by standing by her side.’

“It is getting late already. Let’s head out. It will be dangerous heading out with a child once it becomes completely dark.”

It was unknown to Shu Ning why she felt their appearances looks so familiar when she was certain that she had never seen them before…

Ye Si Huang followed Shu Ning, intentionally keeping a distance from her. He raised his gaze to look at Zi Qian Jing that was by his side and said, “Brat, didn’t you previously mock me in being unable to get a wife with my temper? If you’re that capable, prove to me that you can find a wife then!”

Zi Qian Jing’s gaze darkened.


He hit the back of Ye Si Huang’s head hard.

“Stop being meddlesome! Furthermore, I am your elder brother. Who are you calling a brat?”

Ye Si Huang pouted and lamented, “If I knew you were also born from Mother, I wouldn’t have chosen to travel with you. You will never be able to find Mother that way and Mother would not dump me to you to be free and unfettered to travel with Father…”

Ye Si Huang was extremely sullen when he thought about him going to have to be with Zi Qian Jing for the next period of time.

‘I really want to get back to Mother’s side…’