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Chapter 857 –Close Relatives Meet Each Other Part 2

Chapter 857 –Close Relatives Meet Each Other Part 2

Dou Yi Jun took in a deep breath. With a gloomy ray of light that glimmered in his eyes, he lamented, “I don’t know why but after those incidents I always felt that mother’s gaze had become tremendously foreign and even really cold. As for me, I also don’t have the inkling desire to get close to her and even want to escape from her…”

‘That kind of feeling makes me feel really uncomfortable. I still don’t understand why she had changed so drastically up until today…’

“Sigh!” Wei Yue signed heavily with a bitter taste in his mouth.

‘This nephew of mine has frequently been discreetly helping the Wei family. Yet, he still hasn’t been able to inherit the authority of the Dou family. It is all due to that woman gripping firmly onto the power of the Dou family. Hence, Yi Jun couldn’t help out too obviously…’

“Yi Jun, it must be hard on you all these years!”

“Uncle,” Dou Yi Jun shook his head as he assured, “Don’t worry. I will definitely not allow the Lin family to walk all over the Wei family. I initially thought that I can wait until I can gain the powers of the Dou family before helping the Wei family in overcoming this current ordeal! Yet, I must try to do something about the situation now. Otherwise, everyone will think that the Dou family has completely abandoned the Wei family.”

“Yi Jun, but if you do that, your situation will be…” Wei Yue advised somewhat hesitantly.

“Don’t fret. I am still her son no matter what. She won’t make any move on me no matter how cold hearted she is!”

Wei Yue smiled bitterly as he looked at Dou Yi Jun’s gaze that was brimming with confidence.

‘I really want to tell him the truth about those matters, but I’m afraid he will act impulsively upon knowing them, endangering his life…’

“Family head!”

Yet, a manservant suddenly came running into the room from outside. He reported, panting profusely, “Head, people from the Lin family has come.”


Wei Yue suddenly stood up. With his expression turned ashen, he commented, “I didn’t expect them to come so quickly. Yi Jun, quickly hide. If that woman knows you’re here, you will be in danger…”

He led Wei Zi Fang out of the manor’s hall while he said that.

The Lin family’s father and son were strolling in the Wei family’s front courtyard with a disapproving smirk on their faces.

“It seems the Wei family has really fallen, having only this manor as your asset. Head of the Wei family, when will you be returning the gold coins that you have been owing to me?”

Lin Feng sniggered with a trace of sinister glint that flickered past his eyes.

“You…” Wei Yue’s expression changed as he rebuked furiously, “When did my Wei family owe you gold coins?”

“Haha!” Lin Feng laughed brazenly. With a raise of his hand, a piece of white paper appeared in his hand. “This promissory note clearly states that you, Wei Yue, owe me several hundred of millions of gold coins. You still owe me ten million gold coins after accounting for all your other assets. If you can’t return those remaining sum of money to me, this old manor of the Wei family will be mine.”

Wei Yue was so angry that his complexion turned ashen.

‘It is the promissory note that Lin Feng had forced me to sign when he previously kidnapped my granddaughter…

‘I already had temporarily sent my granddaughter away for her safety. Yet, I didn’t expect Lin Feng will use this promissory note to threaten me…’

“I had never signed such a thing so it can’t be counted. Lin Feng, you will pay a price for all the misdeeds you had done sooner or later!”

“Haha!” Lin Feng just burst out in laughter before he commented and instructed, “It seems that the head of the Wei family doesn’t plan on returning my money. If so, don’t blame me for being impolite! Everyone, chase all these people out of this place! You people of the Wei family isn’t qualified to step a foot into my Lin family’s property.”

The people of the Lin family momentarily surrounded the Wei family’s father and son aggressively.

Lin Ye smiled coldly as he saw the current scene. This was just like the scene from within the relay station…