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Chapter 851 –Competition Ends And Departure Part 4

Chapter 851 –Competition Ends And Departure Part 4

Mu Ru Yue’s brow raised. With a smile, she said, “If I’ve not guessed wrong, he should be someone we knew in our past life. Moreover, I have some guessings on his identity but I’m not sure…”

‘There is only one person that have a pair of dark golden eyes…’

Ye Wu Chen’s gaze gradually became serious. He then asked after a trace of glint flashed past his eyes, “Are you referring to him?”

“That’s right,” Mu Ru Yue looked at Ye Wu Chen’s face as she continued, “Bei Jun (north monarch)! I really can’t think of who else other than him!”

That man’s arrogant appearance appeared in Mu Ru Yue’s mind, making her gaze darkened.

She gritted her teeth as she said, “Bei Jun previously was my nemesis. We tried killing each other countlessly. But we always end up in a draw every single time. He previously was the only person that could match up to our might!”

‘That man shouldn’t have the slightest feeling for me. We only hated each other! Yet, it is unknown why he underwent such a drastic change after a thousand years of separation…’

Ye Wu Chen’s expression turned grim. With a sinister ray of light in his purple eyes, he proclaimed, “I will certainly make him die without a burial if I see him again!”

“Wu Chen.”

Mu Ru Yue’s heart shuddered slightly when she felt the fury burning in Ye Wu Chen’s heart. She subconsciously gripped onto Ye Wu Chen’s hand and said, “Don’t worry. Bei Jun and Zi Feng had collaborated in the downfall of the Zi family. I will settle the debt with him no matter what!”

‘That man can indeed fight against us individually. But, it will be two against one; with Wu Chen and I against him. Thus, we will certainly be the victor after teaming up against him.’

‘He previously had teamed up with Zi Feng to massacre and even dissipate the souls of the Zi family. Hence, we didn’t have a choice but use a method that goes against the heavens in gathering their souls.

‘More importantly, our souls dissipated under the heaven calamity…

‘I swear that I’m unworthy to call myself human if I don’t seek vengeance!’

“Bei Jun’s forces aren’t based in the Central Region after a thousand years. It seems that it has been shifted to this Eastern Island. I also don’t know whether if he has interacted with Zi Feng in this life.”

A trace of dark ray of light flashed past Mu Ru Yue’s eyes. “I understand Zi Feng. She doesn’t surmount to much. The most she can do is to make some underhanded moves. She definitely wouldn’t be able to do so many matters if she wasn’t supported by Bei Jun! Perhaps he similarly played a role in plotting and trapping Bai Ze!”

‘Bai Ze should know Bei Jun, but for some reasons, he isn’t willing to talk about him. I definitely wouldn’t let that man harm any of the people that are close to me in this life and eternity!

‘I will also do everything in my power to make that man pay the price for everything he had done!’

“Mu Er,” Ye Wu Chen hugged Mu Ru Yue tightly. With his smile increasingly gentler, he continued, “Perhaps Bei Jin will be our final opponent to face in this life. No matter if Zi Feng was controlled by him in this life or not, I will seek vengeance for the Zi family!”

Mu Ru Yue lowered her gaze but didn’t say anything. She thought about the Zi family that died tragically in the past life and even Zi Feng’s arrogant expression. Her heart trembled subconsciously…

Yet, warm lips covered her lips at this moment, instantly pulling her out of her thoughts.

A pair of purple eyes entered her sight when she raised her gaze.

“Wu Chen… Mhhm~”

Her lips were sealed by his lips the moment she called his name. His large hands abruptly pushed her onto the bed, heavily confining her body to the bed with his body…

Mu Ru Yue’s eyelashes trembled slightly, gradually closing her eyes. The moonlight sprinkled into the room, enhancing the romantic atmosphere…