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Chapter 833 –Mental Power Competition Part 6

Chapter 833 –Mental Power Competition Part 6

The crowd couldn’t help but sigh.

It was a pity that such a magnificent girl would be stuck on the first floor, unable to display an exciting display like when she fought with Lin Li.

But the crowd was really satisfied with this result.

Her martial power was already too shocking. If her alchemy skill was also that outstanding, how could they continue to live?

The heavens was fair after all. It definitely wouldn’t let a person be too talented…

The sunset filled the sky as time flowed.

Everyone subconsciously shook their head as they looked at the Alchemy Tower.


Chuan Gu snorted coldly and commented, “There is only an hour before the end of the competition. Yet, she had always been staying on the first floor. It seems that she has indeed found a place to hide…”

He shifted his gaze upwards upon saying that, narrowing his eyes slightly.

“But there are several outstanding seedlings in this competition. Majority of the competitors had already reached the fifth floor. Su Ning had already reached the sixth floor. Oh~ there is a person that had reached the seventh floor.”

Chuan Gu narrowed his eyes abruptly with a trace of seriousness in his eyes.

‘Someone is able to reach the eighth floor that quickly. Perhaps only the talent from ten thousand years ago could accomplish such a feat. I didn’t expect that another genius had once again appeared after so many years…

‘If I can recruit such a person into the Alchemy Sect, the head of the sect will unquestionably praise me…’

“Everyone! Quickly look! The light from the first floor had moved!”

Suddenly, an exclamation broke Chuan Gu’s chains of thought.

When he shifted his gaze over, he indeed saw that Mu Ru Yue, who was originally on the first floor, had finally reached the second floor…

“Can it be she think that she can break through to the fifth floor in just an hour?”

Everyone was doubtful. Nobody believed that she would be able to. She had spent so much time advancing to the second floor. How could she reach the fifth floor in just an hour?

Breaking through a floor was not just finding a staircase to advance to the next floor. They wouldn’t be able to advance unless they killed a certain amount of demon beasts.

She would definitely lose in this round of competition, without a doubt.

Mu Ru Yue smiled coldly at the densely packed demon beasts within the Alchemy Tower.

Numerous swords suddenly appeared before her. Those swords were emitting a glacial glint.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Those swords pierced toward the demon beasts…


The swords had pierced through those demon beast’s chest. Blood spurted out from the stab wounds, staining the entire mountain valley red. A door appeared before Mu Ru Yue after those demon beasts collapsed…

Mu Ru Yue stepped into the door without hesitation.

“Third floor! She had reached the third floor!”

“What? How could that be? It had only been five minutes. How could she reach the third floor from the second floor?”

The crowd’s heart shuddered as they stared at the white glow…

Chuan Gu’s heart subconsciously shuddered a little, no longer caring about the other competitor’s advancement. His gaze focused on Mu Ru Yue’s white glow…

Quickly, the white light advanced again, reaching the fourth floor.

Another five minutes had passed for her transition from the third floor to the fourth floor…

Chuan Gu’s breath tightened. He couldn’t help but clench his fist tightly; a peculiar ray of light that flickered past his eyes. Mu Ru Yue’s advancement rate was too strange after all…

‘She should not be able to advance to the next floor in just five minutes, judging by her weak mental power, no matter how quickly she tries to clear the floor…’

“Damn! Fifth Floor! God damn it, had she really just used ten minutes to reach the fifth floor from the fourth floor? Someone, please quickly tell me that my eyes are playing tricks on me. My eyes must definitely be malfunctioning!”