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Chapter 808 – An Alarming Sword Technique Part 1

Chapter 808 – An Alarming Sword Technique Part 1

Liang Wen looked with contempt at Qiancheng Yan. He had a high and mighty expression on his face, looking with disdain at everything and treating Qiancheng Yan as an insignificant existence.

Qiancheng Yan’s expression did not change in the slightest from the start under the morning sunlight. His black pupils didn’t have any ripples in them; they were as calm as a lake…

“Qiancheng Yan, I will surely make you understand the gap between us this time!”


LIang Wen raised his hand to grab the sword that was floating before him. An astonishing aura rose from that sword while it was shot at an alarming speed toward Qiancheng Yan.

Liang Wen’s gaze became increasingly gloomy when he felt the might of the sword. His smile gave off a dangerous vibe…

The crowd was focusing on the sight before them as excitement glimmered in their gazes.

They could already imagine where the youth was decapitated by that sword. They loved those kinds of gruesome scene…

Yet, Mu Ru Yue’s gaze was as indifferent as ever while she calmly watched on at the current scene…

Qiancheng Yan finally made his move before Liang Wen could near him…

He just raised his right hand to bare-handedly grab onto that sharp sword. All of the sword’s aura vanished at that instant, allowing the arena stage to regain its peace…

That’s right, he had indeed single-handedly grabbed onto that sword. It seemed as easy as though he was just grabbing air.

Everyone widened their eyes as they started at the youthful appearance of Qiancheng Yan with disbelief. The current sight was even more shocking than seeing a ghost. Some people were even shocked speechless.

A drop of cold sweat flowed down from Liang Wen’s forehead. With his complexion gravely pale, he said frantically, “Wha-what did you do?”

‘This brat must be carrying a treasure with him. Otherwise, how can he receive my attack that easily?

‘That’s right, it must be that case!

Qiancheng Yan looked coldly at him.


He had used all his might to land a fist onto Liang Wen’s lower abdomen while he snapped the sword in his grip into halves…

Liang Wen’s body soared into mid-air before crashing onto the ground. Shock permeated his heart at the instant while his body shivered uncontrollably as he looked at the youth nearing him.

“Liang Wen, it is time for me to pay you back all those years of bullying that you had done to me.”

The youth’s gaze was as calm as always. There was still some traces of youthfulness from his delicate and handsome face. However, each of his words struck like a hammer heavily onto Liang Wen’s heart.

“How did you defeat me?!” Liang Wen shrieked in fright.

‘It is unbelievable for me to believe that the trash that I had always treated as insignificant currently had the might to defeat me…’


Qiancheng Yan stomped heavily onto Liang Wen’s chest.

Liang Wen could feel a powerful might penetrated his heart at that instant. A sweet taste was momentarily tasted in his throat before he spat out a mouthful of blood. His originally pale face had become increasingly pale.

The plaza stayed quiet for a long time before a heated clamour erupted.

“Oh my heavens, is that really Qiancheng Yan of the Qiancheng family?”

“How can this be possible?! How could he bare-handedly receive an attack by a Xiantian Full Circle Realm practitioner?!”

“Haha! If he was a trash, what will Liang Wen be? Qiancheng Yan was already superior to Liang Wen with just his grandeur.”

That’s right, a towering grandeur was being emitted from the youth’s body at this instant. There was no way to judge that his might was still inferior to Liang Wen’s. His might should even be superior to Liang Wen’s instead…