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Chapter 795 – Shu Ning’s Family Background Part 1

Chapter 795 – Shu Ning’s Family Background Part 1

Suddenly, her throat seemed to have been strangled by something, making her voice stuck in her throat…

“If you continue to stir up trouble, immediately return!”

Jin Kai snorted coldly. He no longer looked at her as he stepped into the darkness…

The beauty looked dazedly at Jin Kai’s departing figure. She frowned her long, shapely eyebrows with doubt in her eyes.

‘Is elder brother Jin Kai hurt?

‘No! Impossible! With elder brother Jin Kai’s cultivation, how could he be hurt by that girl? It must be that girl with a scholarly grandeur that seduced elder brother Jin Kai so elder brother Jin Kai let them off…’

The beauty bit her lips as she hastily chased after Jin Kai. “Elder brother Jin Kai, wait for me…”

Everyone didn’t say anything in the cave. They just glanced caringly at Shu Ning. Her behaviour today was too irregular after all. With her personality, she wouldn’t hate someone without a reason and carried thorn in her words.

“That girl is from Su (revive) family.”

Shu Ning raised her head slightly after a while. With a cold smile, she said, “She is Su Ning (revive congeal) of the Su family. She is similarly my younger half-sister that carries the same blood as my father but not my mother’s…”

An Xi was stunned for a moment before she asked curiously, “But isn’t your surname Shu?”

“It is.” A discreet glint flashed past Shu Ning’s eyes as she continued explaining, “I was nurtured by my maternal grandfather after my mom died. Thus, I kept the same surname as my mother’s.”

“Shu Ning,” An Xi pursed her lips and said, “Then what about your younger sister…”

Shu Ning lowered her gaze slightly with darkness that shone past her eyes.

“My father married a second wife after my mom died. My innate talent has always been outstanding since young so I naturally outshined my younger sister. I similarly was doted by my father. Moreover, I was previously engaged to Jin Kai of the Jin family…”

The crowd was startled but nobody interrupted Shu Ning.

“But…” Shu Ning chuckled bitterly before she continued, “I don’t know where a rumour came from that I am a reincarnation of evilness so my mother died from unknown reason after giving birth to me. My father initially did not believe those rumours. But he met with a Daoist priest that was highly accurate in fortune-telling one day. That Daoist priest told my father that I was indeed a reincarnation of evilness and if I continued to stay in the Su family, I will certainly kill him.”

“However, I saw my stepmother giving that Daoist priest some money the day before I was sent away from the family. Following that, I told my father what I saw. But he refused to believe me and said that I was framing my stepmother so that I could continue staying in the Su family. Moreover, he immediately called for people from the Shu family to take me back to them.”

“It was laughable. My father was initially impoverished. It was with my maternal grandfather’s help that brought him to his current position. Yet, he married his childhood lover shortly after my mother’s death. Moreover, he had a daughter of similar age to me. It was at that moment that my maternal grandfather realized that my father was together with his childhood lover right after marrying my mother. Hence, my stepmother’s daughter was only a month younger than me.

“But everything was already too late so my maternal grandfather couldn’t say anything. More importantly, my father’s power has already flourished to a stage where even my grandfather could not do anything to it after helping him previously…”

Shu Ning chuckled bitterly.

‘It should be impossible for grandfather to know that he was helping an ingrate when he helped previously…

‘How lamentable it was?’

“Shu Ning,” An Xi clung an arm around Shu Ning’s shoulder. With large, teary eyes, she consoled, “You still have us. If you want to seek vengeance, we will definitely assist you.”