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Chapter 772 -Victory Part 1

Chapter 772 -Victory Part 1

A mocking smile on his face, Qin Fei raised his head to look down on Qiancheng Yan in the arena stage.

“Qin Fei, I won’t let Yan Er marry you,” Qiancheng Yan said resolutely.

Qiancheng Yan raised his youthful face and he stared fearlessly at the man before him.

‘I won’t give up on my beloved girl no matter what!’


Qin Fei couldn’t help but laugh brazenly upon hearing that. It was as if he’d just heard a hilarious joke. His brazen laughs filled the whole sky.

“Qiancheng Yan, you’re overestimating your might! I will show you the difference between Heaven and Earth today. How can trash that hasn’t even reached the Xiantian realm qualify as my opponent?!”


Wind surrounded his fist as he suddenly soared through the sky, charging towards Qiancheng Yan. Currently, killing intent reeked from his body. His aura was like that of an unsheathed, razor-sharp sword.

“Qiancheng Yan, just die!”


All the spectators stood up to watch Qiancheng Yan, who was bearing the brunt of the gale, nervously. Everyone could feel intense killing intent seeping out of Qin Fei’s body.

It was clear that Qin Fei wanted to kill Qiancheng Yan!

“Elder brother Qiancheng!”

Jun Mo Yan didn’t care about the guards chasing her far behind, but she didn’t expect to witness such a scene just as she arrived at the plaza. Her heart shuddered and her complexion instantly turned gravely pale.


‘Quickly escape!’

Jun Mo Yan was unable to voice out a single word even though her body was shaking like a leaf. She was stupefied and just stood there watching as the tyrannical attack was about to hit Qiancheng Yan….

Qiancheng Yan’s expression didn’t change in the slightest, he just coldly watched Qin Fei’s fist as it neared him.

He hadn’t budged a muscle since the start of the match. He didn’t even move his feet to evade the fist. It looked as though he was petrified, exposing all of his weak points to Qin Fei’s fist.


Qin Fei couldn’t help but laugh brazenly. His bloodshot eyes emitted a ruthless glow.

‘This man must die today no matter what!’

‘Anybody that tries to steal my girl won’t end up well!’

Qin Fei smiled sinisterly, imagining Qiancheng Yan collapsing into a pool of his own blood. However, a mighty aura suddenly burst forth from Qiancheng Yan’s body.


Qin Fei was mercilessly sent flying backwards…

The crowd’s gaze stiffened. Staring at the navy blue figure on the arena stage, their lips trembled slightly, they seemed to be looking at a ghost…



They must be hallucinating. How could Qiancheng Yan, who hadn’t even reached the Xiantian Realm, instantly defeat Qin Fei? It should’ve been impossible…

With much effort, Qin Fei got back on his feet.


He dashed madly towards Qiancheng Yan. His killing intent intensified momentarily as he yelled with bloodshot eyes, “Qiancheng Yan!”

“Brat, just die!”

A sword suddenly appeared in his hand which he swung downward at Qiancheng Yan. His killing intent circled his surroundings. Through his enraged gaze, one could tell he wanted to give the other a death of a thousand cuts.

Nevertheless, Qiancheng Yan just raised his hand slightly. In that moment, a ray of light shot out from his palm, piercing Qin Fei’s chest without warning…


Blood spurted out of Qin Fei’s chest, staining his robes red.

Qin Fei stared blankly at Qiancheng Yan, who hadn’t had a change in expression, gasping and in disbelief.


He collapsed onto the ground…

Never in his dreams did he expect to be defeated by a man he thought was insignificant…