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Chapter 764 -Eastern Island And The Qiancheng Family Part 2

Chapter 764 -Eastern Island And The Qiancheng Family Part 2

“Lady, we are people of the Qiancheng (thousand undertake) family. We had coincidentally stumbled across this place. When we saw lady was unconscious, we deduced that lady must have had met with the sandstorm. Hence, my family’s young master rescued you.”

Mu Ru Yue heart’s sunk abruptly as she asked, “Did you see a man that should be with me then?”

“No, we didn’t. You were the only one at that place. Perhaps your partner had been blown away to another place by the sandstorm. Don’t worry. Your partner will certainly be fine.”

Mu Ru Yue didn’t reply.

‘With Ye Wu Chen’s capability, he naturally will be fine. But the thought of being separated from him again makes me feel somewhat helpless…’

“Lady, I’m a guard of the Qiancheng family. You can call me Xiong Da (big bear).” Xiao Dan straightforwardly rubbed his head.

Mu Ru Yue remained silent for a moment.

‘It seems that I’ve really been separated from that man once again.’

“Xiong Da, where are we heading to?”

“Continent of Jun.”

‘Continent of Jun?’

She was stunned for a moment.

‘I didn’t expect that someone will coincidentally bring me with them toward the Continent of Jun. If I continue traveling with them, I will be able to reunite with Ye Wu Chen quickly…’


A loud sound was suddenly heard from outside. Xiong Da frowned before saying awkwardly, “Lady, it seems that a commotion has arisen. I will go and check out the situation first. You should just stay here.”

Mu Ru Yue nodded and gradually shut her eyes.

A group of people had blocked the path of the horse carriages on the mountain path, hindering everyone from moving forth. The leader of that group was a crude and brute man. He was shouldering a large sword as he stared ruthlessly at the crowd before him.

Qiancheng Yan’s expression changed slightly. With a slightly strict appearance, he said, “Zhao Ling (surpass approach), there’s nothing between your Tiger Dragon Sect and me. Why are you blocking my path then?”

The man known as Zhao Lin sneered as he replied sinisterly, “Qiancheng Yan (thousand undertake talk), someone wants to buy your life. I, Zhao Lin, only recognise money and not the person. You just have to blame it on your bad luck!”

Qiancheng Yan’s expression changed momentarily. Zhao Lin signaled to his companions before Qiancheng Yan could rebuke. He ordered coldly, “Brothers, attack! Once we kill Qiancheng Yan, we can squander money for a period of time again!”


The bandits roared as they charged toward the people of the Qiancheng family.

Qiancheng Yan’s expression was cold. With an unpleasant expression, he said, “Zhao Lin, you are too much. Just you wait! I definitely won’t let you off after I return to the Qiancheng family!”

“Haha! You can say that only if you manage to head back. Brothers, massacre all these bastards!”

Everyone from the Qiancheng family was instantly angered. However, there wasn’t any way for them to triumph against the people of the Tiger Dragon Sect with their current might.

Just when they started to despair, a strong pressure suddenly appeared from the sky. Everyone shuddered uncontrollably under that might, astonishment filled their gazes.


Zhao Lin was abruptly sent flying backward before he could snap out of his shock, crashing heavily against a tree…

The sudden unforeseen event made everyone stun for a moment as they weren’t clear as to what had just happened…