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Chapter 725- Mu Ru Yue’s Return Part 3

Chapter 725- Mu Ru Yue’s Return Part 3

Yao Jun was a little stunned as he looked with doubt at Yao Yun Qing’s delicate and pretty face. Just as he wanted to say something, he heard the girl’s melodious voice that had ridden along with the wind.

“Young master Ouyang, head of the Nangong family, and head of the Moshang family, please help us out!”

Three figures suddenly appeared during the time frame where Yao Jun was stunned. Their auras weren’t inferior as compared to them!

“Spiritual Realm! Three Spiritual Realm experts!”


Yao Jun couldn’t help but take in a mouthful of air. They were all Spiritual Realm experts!

“Qing Er, what’s going on?” He was unable to come back to his sense for a moment. Several experts suddenly appeared out of nowhere after all, making him unable to wrap his head around this situation.

Yao Yun Qing smiled lovably as she explained, “Didn’t I just mention that these people are Yue Er’s subordinates…”

The crowd suddenly thought about that girl’s magnificent figure at this instant. A sudden clap of thunder seemed to have struck their heart, creating ripples in their heart.

Did she just say that all these experts were Mu Ru Yue’s subordinate?

Did they hear that properly? Those three were Spiritual Realm experts! She would have four Spiritual Realm experts now after including the Spiritual Realm expert in her hands.

What capability did she have to possess so many Spiritual Realm experts?

Shangguan Lan’s expression changed drastically as she swept a gloomy gaze throughout the crowd before asking, “Do you really want to meddle in the business of my Immortal Doctor Sect?”

When ordinary people heard the name ‘Immortal Doctor Sect’, they would be so terrified that they might piss their pants.

There wasn’t any other reason than due to the Immortal Doctor Sect possessing a Supreme Realm expert. Furthermore, there was only one Supreme Realm expert in the entire Central Region!

However, Ouyang Yun Jin and the rest came from Realmless so they naturally didn’t know about the Immortal Doctor Sect. But so what if they knew? Zi Shao’s master was similarly a Supreme Realm expert!

“Haha!” Nangong Lie raised his head to burst out laughing as he sneered with contempt before replying, “Immortal Doctor Sect? I’m sorry but I don’t care about your sect. The little girl is Lady Mu’s sister-in-law so she similarly is a person under the protection of our three large families. Since you hurt her family, I don’t give a damn about what sect you are from as you ought to die!”

A tyrannical aura rose from his body when he said the last word. It started off like a whirlwind before giving rise to an intense storm.

Ouyang Yun Jin snorted coldly. He moved in a flash to stand beside Nangong Lie with a slight smile on his face.

The last member was an elder with an immortal bone. He had a grizzled facial appearance with a calm expression. Yet, he gave off an oppressive grandeur.

“Young master Ouyang and head of the Nangong family, how shall we deal with them?”

“Hehe!” Nangong Lie chuckled coldly before saying, “That brat Yi Shao Chen has already dispatched his million strongholds of an army to surround the area. It will be impossible for them to escape the encirclement even if they could grow wings. But I am still really impressed with Lady Mu’s insight. Yi Shao Chen is a rare talent although he is a little sly. He managed to train a million veteran cavalries just by himself. Even I will be a little apprehensive when facing those million cavalries.”

Not many people could carry an intense killing intent with them. Yet, Yi Shao natured a million of those people.

There was nothing, excluding the four large families, that could oppose those million strongholds of cavalries. But it was precisely due to that Yi Shao Chen no longer greed for imperial power so he passed those imperial powers to his nephew in order to train those people wholeheartedly.

Currently, his nephew was still extremely fearful of him in the Kingdom of Ling Yun even though Yi Shao Chen wasn’t the Emperor. It was due to those million strongholds of cavalries in his possession!

He had taken over other kingdoms with those million strongholds of cavalries, increasing the might of the Kingdom of Ling Yun.