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Chapter 698 -The Event Begins And The Despised Pill Tower Part 1

Chapter 698 -The Event Begins And The Despised Pill Tower Part 1

Murong Qing Chu gradually placed his cup down. There wasn’t the slightest ripple in his cold eyes, making people unable to guess his current mood.

“Mr Murong,” The girl known as Feng Er lightly nodded her head at the cold immortal-like man that was sitting in the highest position in the hall while being completely stone-faced.

The middle-aged woman seemed displeased by her attitude as she knitted her brows tightly. She then relaxed her brows after a long time before shifting her gaze toward Murong Qing Chu and introduced, “Mr Murong, this is my daughter, Shangguan Feng. May I ask a favour from Mr Murong? Mr Murong not only has an outstanding innate talent, you have a superior cultivation. Thus, I don’t know if Mr Murong will be able to tutor my daughter in her cultivation.”

Even though she was said to be the sect master of the Immortal Doctor Sect, it was only by name. The true founder of the sect was that lord while Mr Murong was the son of that lord.

As for that lord, there were still rumours regarding him in the current Central Region.

It was rumored that he had previously pursued after a girl for a couple of decades, but the girl already had a husband. Yet, he didn’t give up on her, persistently staying by her side. The girl’s husband finally fell in love with someone else after a couple more decades, deeply hurting her. Following that, the lord took advantage of the situation and obtained her heart.

Half a century had passed before he got to marry her. Yet, although it was long, it wasn’t long enough since the girl’s ex-husband regretted giving up on her and wanted to get back with her. Who knew that the lord already held a position in her heart. Thus, he raped her under his rage when the lord was out.

Following that, the lord was enraged carrying out a bloody calamity in the Central Region. He didn’t mind that she was sullied, but the girl’s mind was severely damaged. She left the world in the end, leaving just their son Murong Qing Chu behind.

That lord only had a son at such a late stage of his life and his son was from the woman he loved fondly. Hence, the lord naturally doted on him tremendously. But it was a pity that Mr Murong had to be sent away from the sect when he was young due to his poor body condition to recover, unable to inherit the Immortal Doctor Sect. She was then chosen by the Immortal Doctor Sect at that time to govern the sect temporarily.

However, the actual owner of the Immortal Doctor Sect was still him…

If Feng Er was able to obtain the affections of Mr Murong, perhaps her position would be more stable. Mr Murong was said to be single after so many years and was still a virgin. If Feng Er could marry such a guy, it wouldn’t be a bad deal for her…

“I’m sorry.” Murong Qing Chu smirked lightly, but without a single ripple in his cold eyes as he replied, “I’m not interested in giving her pointers in her cultivation.”

Shangguan Lan was stunned for a moment as she didn’t expect Mr Murong to reject so straightforwardly.

Moreover, her daughter had a devastatingly beautiful face. She also wasn’t like the rest of the love-struck fools that were unable to shift their eyes away from Mr Murong after seeing his appearance. Why was Mr Murong so unwilling to interact with her then?

It seemed that Mr Murong really had an extremely high sight as rumoured.

But Shangguan Lan was really confident that there wasn’t anyone except her daughter would be compatible with Murong Qing Chu.

“Mr Murong has come here to attend the Immortal Doctor Banquet?” Glimmers danced in Shangguan Lan’s eyes as she asked respectfully.


Murong Qing Chu replied to her lightly, but his handsome and fair face was still as cold. It was as though this man didn’t have other expressions except his current one.

A flawless face suddenly appeared in Murong Qing Chu’s mind, making him smile lightly…